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By TexasJim
Corpus Christi Fire & Rescue pulled a kayaker(alive) from the water near one of the T-Heads in Corpus today. He fell out of his kayak and was unable to re-board or climb onto the rocks. A witness said he didn't have a PFD on. It's blowing 19 kts right now. Jeez!
"When will they ever learn?", (Peter, Paul & Mary) TexasJim
By impulse
Several good lessons here, in addition to the PFD.

Specifically, what happens if I do fall out of my kayak?

Have I learned (and practiced-practiced-practiced in crappy conditions) how to get back in?

If the wind's blowing faster than I can swim, will the kayak and/or paddle get away from me? How can I make sure I'm attached, but not in a manner that's going to put me into even more danger?

Gratefully, most of us learn the lessons with no loss of life. I'm glad this has a safe ending.
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By Neumie
More to the story from KIII; https://www.kiiitv.com/article/news/loc ... 027b7b0383

I guess he paddled to the breakwaters, tied his kayak off, got out of his kayak to walk and fish along the rocks. At some point his kayak came untied and he tried to swim after it (winds were 10-20 gusting to 25+). He began to struggle when he couldn't catch up to his kayak. A passerby saw him waving for help and called 911.
By SWFinatic
Thanks for the update. Last year there was a guy wade fishing at POC that went after his boat after it started drifting and didn't make it. Luckily someone came by to help.
By ben_beyer
One of the things I've learned in the past year are a good idea of where my limits are. I also have always worn a PFD anytime I've been out in a kayak in the past 8 years.

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