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I am looking for an ecomomical tandem to get started in yak fishing & recreational yokking. I saw this "Islander Tropic II" at Costco in Houston. Anyone have any idea is this is an ok kayak or a POS? Thanks in advance.
By Joe Guilbeau

Well the first thought that comes to my mind is why start out with a Tandem yak?

Surefire way to head into a divorce...

One of the special things that develop as you are paddling is the isolation of solo paddling and the "I am captain of my ship" feeling that settles over the paddler. It is sorta hard to explain, but easy to experience.

If you go alone, that is a large package to tote around, however the extra space is just the thing for a cannine friend, just some of my thoughts on Tandems...

My Chow was a regular on Town Lake and loved to chow-down on fresh seatrout flopping around on the decks. Sometimes we fought each other for the trout...
By Guest
Read the reviews. It is the same as the Mainstream Tango and that's the same as the Double Play.


And having a tandem does not necessarily mean divorce. Some couples paddle well together and some need their own boat.
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By JimD
I fish for peace and quiet and to enjoy nature. (I leave my wife at home.) :oops:

Who would want anyone in the yak with them short of a very young kid that could not handle their own yak. :lol:
By Guest
I leave her at home too and on the other boards, don't post fishing pics with her in them anymore. Not because I don't get along with her, but because the guys don't act their usual self when she's around, especially on the fishing trips we take. They get all flirty, and makes me jealous and pissed, and she never tells me anything because she says I'll just get mad at my friends. I always tell her to dress down, and stop wearing fitting clothes, so to avoid ruining my trip, she stays home. And what I really hate, is when I go on a boat with them, almost always ask me to bring her, and she's not even a fisherman.
By Joe Guilbeau
Anonymous wrote:And having a tandem does not necessarily mean divorce. Some couples paddle well together and some need their own boat.

Perhaps, but the discussion is about THIS tandem, eh!

I read the review... :oops:

Show me a couple that will"...paddle well together..." in this yak and I'll show you a couple of newbies who just don't know what they don't know yet. They won't even know that a divorce is looming :wink:

This is an entry level yak, that can be bought for $300-$350 dollars in the used market. :roll:

No storage to speak of, and you would have a hard time getting :shock: a sandwich out of that hatch without crushing it.

Did we mention the size and weight?

Dimensions: 12' 1" L x 33.5" W
Weight: 72 lbs.

The Double Play is shown below, with the hatch, the Tango has a flat rectangular recessed area where the hatch is on the Double Play.

As the review mentions, you will be an inch deep in water all around your butt and your paddling mate's butt, unless you plug the scupper holes. :shock:

Then you will ship a wave and really get deep in water. :x


I would much rather have something like the following. I might see tandem paddling in something like this...

Rigged for Fishing...
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By HiLineMan
Thanks for all the good info. I am re-thinking this whole "tandem" idea. Perhaps, as many have suggested, it is not the way we ought to go. The search continues .... Thanks again, All.
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By Priority Four
Don't Let them scare you off. Both of my boats are tandem. I can paddle my Odyssey from the solo (middle)position. That said, I am currently in the market for a single because I want a tankwell and My kid is big enough to paddle himself now.
By boss perfesser
Some of you vets will say that I'm falling off a cliff and don't know it, but my wife and I have had the Tarpon 130t out twice and have no physical or mental bruises to show. Remember, though, that we have two young boys in the boat as well so we have to watch where we swing the paddles.

Took everyone out in the surf Sunday on 8 mi road. With about 450 lbs. of people we were able to make it though the (smallish) breakers and handled the swells easily--went all the way out to the green water and saw dolphins for the second consecutive trip.

I did take it out solo later on and did think it was a lot easier paddling (more room, less weight). The only "negotiations" trouble I see is that it will be hard for me to get loose to go solo in the bay.

The 130t, btw, is one impressive rig. Tracks exceptionally well and didn't ship much water even when loaded up.

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