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By LenaLoyd
Top 4 Things You Should Know About Shark’s “Lift-Away” Feature

SharkNinja is a famous household products manufacturer in the US. They design, market, and distribute over 150 home devices and appliances such as blenders, multi cookers, air fryers, and coffee makers. But maybe they are best known for their innovative vacuum cleaners, which hold the love of many homemakers worldwide.

Shark navigator nv360 is one of the best selling upright vacuums in the world. And the “lift-away” feature is mostly responsible for this success. Let us tell you why.

What is “Lift-Away”?

“Lift-Away” is Shark’s exclusive trademark feature. This feature gives you the ability to remove the motor part from the vacuum body and extend your maneuver without having to lift the whole unit. You can use your vacuum in upright mode and transform it into a handheld mode with just one click. And this versatility comes in handy in many situations. Shark first introduced this feature to the public over ten years ago, and the Shark “Lift-Away” product line remains the strongest line of the corporation until now. And there is an understanding cause for that.


Why is “Lift-Away”?

As you know, the upright vacuum cleaner is bulky and heavy with a large powerhead. It’s a great and effective assistant when cleaning your carpet. But your carpet is not the only thing needed vacuuming in the house, right? The upright vacuum will struggle on bare floors, stairs, above the head, and tight areas. But when we use The Shark NV360 in their “lift-away” mode, all the struggling seem to disappear. With the lightweight detached canister in one hand and the extended hose in the other hand, we get some idea why this is considered the best feature Shark ever created.

How Much is “Lift-Away”?

Although some of you will think that this wonderful feature will cost you a fortune, Shark will surprise you again when you know that the cheapest upright vacuum with Lift-Away feature, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Professional Bagless Vacuum (NV360), only sells at $150.00. With this bargain, you will get yourself a fully functional upright vacuum and the ability to transform it into a mini canister vacuum. Moreover, the device will come with a HEPA filter and a “complete seal” certificate, which can only be seen in premium models over $ 200.00. How is that possible? You really don’t know.


Who Needs “Lift-Away”?

As great as this feature sound, we will agree that it can’t completely replace a good canister vacuum. So who should buy an upright vacuum cleaner with the “lift-away” trademark in their name? The answer is people with their primary concern are cleaning carpets and having some casual bare floors, non-carpet cleaning to do. People who love all the good things in an upright model, but hate their limited versatility and heavyweight, should also look into this feature.

⫸⫸⫸ See This Page: Shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360

And with a starting price of only $150.00, we think this is a very tempting purchase if you are looking to replace your old vacuum.
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By karstopo
What is it that you don’t understand? Basically, you fish while you drift. But if you are a web robot or something like that, drift fishing is or is it phishing really might mean something else.
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By Ron Mc
drift fishing is about expansive grass flats, and taking advantage of beating coast wind.
Kars, you're probably right about the bot.

You set a drift sock, run it to the stern using your trolley, sit back easy, and blind-fish downwind.
When you catch fish, you take up your drift sock, paddle back up, and try it again.

here in 16-kt SSW
here is 18-kt NNW

A normal day is crossing the grass flat to the fish-concentrating structure upwind to fish there - always planned around the wind, and best planned with the tide.
Then drift fish the flat to work your way back home.

good places to drift fish on the prevailing wind include Brown&Root and Estes flats, also Outside Beach at Estes.
East Flats just above is killer on a W to NW wind.
In a power boat, you normally just let it windcock so everyone in the boat can fish easy. From South Padre on the prevailing wind, you can set up 10-mi drifts between the grassline and ICW. But normally, if you're not finding fish, you run and try another spot, and when you find fish, run back up and drift again.
This is the west side of Green Island, which has a bit of everything with the nearby flounder hole - east side is too skinny for the power boat, but a great place to mothership a kayak.
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By stangfisher
I frequently drift fish over the flats. Specifically the areas where there are a large number of "potholes" or areas where depth variation occur. I also frequently drift where I see birds diving into the water. It can be an efficient way to find fish. Once I have a strike or hookup, I drop the anchor and fish that area for about 5-10 minutes fan casting every 10-15 degrees and repeating that a few times. No more hookups or strikes??? Then I continue my drift. Fishing like this allows for a large coverage of area in just a few hours. Fish are usually always moving. So am I. Not all the time, but I can't resist drifting across a flat with a 10, 15, 20mph wind and a drift sock to maximize fishing area. When it's above 15, the 36" sock comes out.
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By Chubs
Pat Murray's book "No-Nonsense Guide to Coastal Fishing" has some great writeups about drift fishing in it.

I learned quite a few new ideas from it and will be applying them. one key, don't just blindly drift, make sure your drift is going to set you up for success. And drift an area that is likely to hold fish, i.e. you still need to look for fish signs.

Oh, and if you want to buy the book, I highly suggest go direct to the source. Amazon prices on books are ridiculous. Fishgame.com (they have a good magazine as well).
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By karstopo
I like drift fishing as there’s not much to do or think about. Wind takes care of the propulsion. Stalking fish up shallow can be very intense. Drift fishing is a break from the intensity.
By Kayak Kid
Take note of Ron Mc's mention of a drift sock. Keep in mind that drift fishing can in some cases be negating one of the principle rules of Gulf Coast kayak fishing.

"When planning on covering a substantial distance, whenever and wherever possible, plan your fishing trip to head up wind to your destination, , in order to have the wind at your back when returning".

Drift fishing can be mesmerisingly enjoyable...,especially if you are catching fish..., and the time and distance traveled can easily creep up on you. The coastal winds usually kick up beyond their morning calms, and, if not paying close attention, can possibly leave you with a 15 k wind to face upon your paddle back to your 'home port'. A properly sized and attached drift sock can halve your drift speed/distance.
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