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By bassfisher152
Hey everyone,

I first wanted to introduce myself to the forum! I just moved to the Houston area from Northeast Texas and I am excited to get back into a little inshore fishing. I have not fished the Galveston/Freeport area much, but I used to spend some time on my Kayak when I lived in CA. I have made it out to Moses lake a couple times, but have not had any luck at all. Not sure if the fishing has been slow, or if I am just doing it wrong :lol: . I have a Ocean Kayak Prowler 13, and am trying to get it up to par for fishing.

I read on another post that sometimes other members might be looking for a "buddy boat" or open to meeting for a group trip. Id love to get some advice and tips for places to start out and a few basic tips on bait selection. I would greatly appreciate any help or would be happy to meet up somewhere for a day of fishing. Thanks in advance and I look forward to being a part of the forum!

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By Ron Mc
welcome to the forum Nick.

I'm far away from Houston, but the area is well-represented on the forum. I won't answer for any of them, but I've been fishing with a few and we always had a great time.
I can recommend you hunt down the Houston PACK group and attend a meeting.
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By cbmarch
Kayak Kid wrote:As a member of PACK for over 17 years, I can attest that in terms of fun, friendship, and fishing adventures, it is second to none.

I'm also (relatively) new to the kayak fishing game and I've never heard of PACK. Definitely going to check it out.
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By kickingback
Hey Nick! I live in NW houston around the Cypress area. I used to go a lot but with this pandemic it's been slow for me. Hopefully I can reach out to you sometimes if I go to Galveston or other and see if you want to join up. I have posted many reports if you want to do a search and read them for any interest where I've been and go usually. I like to fish a lot at nights when it's cooler. Take it easy!
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By Chubs
Hi Nick,

I second joining our local PACK group. Lot of good info and presentations (at least before the pandemic). I'm sure we'll get back to normal after this passes.

In the mean time we are doing trips still.
I'm actually hosting one in a few weeks, August 8th at either Christmas Bay or San Luis pass (still TBD which).

Feel free to join us
https://www.packtx.org/Events/tabid/53/ ... fault.aspx
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