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I spent the day fishing with a owner of a local lure company, Justin from Bite & Fight Angler, you can find him on FB and Instagram. We pushed to the back lake of a marsh system and found huge schools of reds. They were running 15-20 deep. There was tons of bait, shad, shrimp, and mullets that they were hitting on. The large number of bait and the extremely dirty water made it very difficult to hook up but I did manage to catch a nice slot in that back lake. I also hooked up to another slot red leaving the marsh. In all it was a great day, we spent nearly 12 hours on the water covering a lot of miles.
Video Link Below
Reds Schooling in The Marsh_Moment9 TKF.jpg
Reds Schooling in The Marsh_Moment6 TKF.jpg
Reds Schooling in The Marsh_Moment3 TKF.jpg

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