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I spent the day chasing schools of reds in about 4-6 inches of water. The reds were schooling up chasing bait, I ran through several schools missing the hookset on 2 very nice reds. I did end up landing a couple nice reds, one was just over slot and it took me on a Texas Sleigh Ride! I ended the day with a couple very nice flounder and a last minute spec for a Texas Slam. I recently started using a lure made locally in the Houston area and boy has it been doing the job. It's called Bite & Fight Angler if anyone is interested, I'm not pro staff or anything like that...just what's been working lately.
A great technique I use when I see schools of bait swimming is I cast into the school & around it. I try to cast at the head of the school and swim my lure thought the school, whether I see bait jumping or not. A lot of time the predator fish will be near by or chasing the bait and you won't see them. In this video I did this twice, the 1st hookset got off but the 2nd I landed a nice 28 inch red.
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