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By outbreaker
I am heading down to fish Chinqapin Reefs in the morning. I will be fishing Live Oak Bayou and the island for wind protection.

Anyone want to join me?
By brettisbell171
Glad I stumbled across this post!
Tomorrow morning will be my first time taking my kayak (an older pelican) in any saltwater and just through some research I had settled on fishing the Chinquapin reef.

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By brettisbell171
I met up with outbreaker this morning and I have to say I am very thankful for meeting him on here! Thanks for the heads up on the high water on Chinquapin rd, we had to divert our plans to Rawlings cut.
We had good luck on artificial shrimp under popping corks. Handful of trout, a few redfish and Outbreak caught a few flounder as well. I was a flounder short of a slam!

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