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By Tombo
Ten post about politics and one on fishing. Only read the one post. As the weather gets colder, this is typical. So, I am going to post in the reports section now.
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By TexasJim
OK, Tom: I'll post about fishing. I saw Justin's video with you on your new Hobie peddle board. Looked great. I wondered how it took the ship waves? TexasJim
By mwatson71
Heck, we are about to fall into one of my favorite times to fish. I like late fall/winter fishing because there is less pressure and I have a few favorite cold water spots in our Galveston bay system.
By Kayak Kid
The yankees are envious of our mild winters. Fortune shines on those living along the Texas gulf coast. Don't be wimps (like me), and take advantage of every fishable moment...,that your bride allows.
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