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By gordadude
Been a while since I've posted anything so here goes nothing! Last weekend my dad, brother, sister-in-law, girlfriend and I headed to our land outside of Rocksprings for a little bit of relaxation/hunting. The weekend started off good, my brother smoked a good whitetail 8pt Friday morning. My dad and my girlfriend and I passed on does and young bucks that morning. Friday evening was slow with the usual does/young bucks, except for my gf and I seeing a big bodied axis spike which I now regret telling her to pass on because my pickiness got her skunked for the weekend. :? Saturday morning I ventured out on my own and came across this old fallow buck after passing on a herd of 9 big axis does. He kind of surprised me and I had to make a shot on him while he was jogging(whatever deer do between a sprint and a walk :lol:) because it was clear he had no plans of stopping and hanging out with me. Put the trusty 7 mag to him and down he went. Turns out he was blind in his right eye and had scars all over him due to fighting. I had seen this fallow on game cams before and thought he wasn't worth shooting, but when I saw him in person I changed my mind pretty quick :lol:. The rest of the hunting was somewhat slow, Saturday evening pigs ran off my girlfriends and dads whitetail, we didn't have a shot on our group of pigs but my dads group stuck around long enough for him to make 1 pay for trespassing. :twisted: Sunday morning my sister-in-law dropped a high horned 8pt whitetail which was her first deer ever! We ended the weekend with 2 8pts, my fallow buck, and my dads pig. I have a week off after thanksgiving so hopefully there will be another report to come! Till then, good luck to my fellow hunters out there!

Both are 13 foot, don't know the year.

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