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By karstopo
Scott Roetzel wrote:Has anyone tried hunting on an oyster bar for ducks? Thinking what kind of blind you would need.

I’ve been out in my kayak and had ducks fly over in range. Any reason you couldn’t stake out on the reef and hunt from a kayak? They make camo cloth to cover up boats and canoes.

You would never have to get out to wade to set decoys or retrieve ducks. Paddle over, pickup the duck, paddle back, repeat. The kayak likely blends in with the exposed shell. Why build a blind with a higher profile when you can hunker down in a low profile kayak?
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By TroutSupport.com
yeah, i agree, any drape that's grey ish would be fine as long as it didn't flap too much. could probably use a grey tarp with some paint splatter on it to break up the outline. Depending on where you're hunting you'll get more divers near reefs than puddle ducks.
By Cory.Ogle1
Depends on depth really, you could do everything from a layout boat/kayak to a Momarsh Invisi-man to a normal ground blind. If your goal is diver ducks, you're on the right track.

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