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By Yakety-Yak
Well what the game warden told me last week when I had a discussion with him was that as long as you're on the water in a yak and do not cross private property, shoot over private property you are good (cannot launch or beach and shoot). He said the waters are public but the land that surrounds it and the sea/ bay floor is all private. From what I gathered from our conversation was that the only PUBLIC land you can legally hunt is any TPWD leased land, WMA or refuge that allows hunting; this is excluding the above mentioned. I hope this helps bud! Good luck and Let 'er rip!


Edit: Just to clarify, you can probably hunt LH lakes and RF bay, but make sure you launch from a designated area and that you are the artificial "marsh mound" that the ducks are feeding by.
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By Getz-Some55
I'd double-check with the game warden (either call or Facebook message). I hunted in the area about 5 years ago, and I think we were west/further inland of LHL. The guide service had blinds set up in the bay that they brought us to by air boat. The wardens checked us once. I saw there was also some hunters sitting on one of the islands near us.

Since LHL is a TPWD Paddling Trail, hunting actually in it is probably discouraged.
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