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By Spoonbill
Only saw a few teal and some mergansers. Fishing was a lot better. Let some outta-slot reds go (31", 29", 16"), kept a couple of trout. The birds told me where the reds were, and the trout were spooking menhaden. Caught most on morning glory cocahoe on 3/8 Mirrolure. Also landed a 35" black drum (my PB) on 10# mono :D . Something very fast and strong ran off with I'm guessing about 80+ yards of my 30# braid about 30 minutes prior, so I was down to the 10# mono that was underneath.

Was out of the country for a bit, so this was my first hunt/fish in almost 3 years. I don't even recall why I had a bunch of mono under braid. Fishing gear was in storage for a while so I suppose I ought to respool everything.
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By Ron Mc
black drum are tall - 35" is a honking fish - heck, 25" is a honking black drum.
Wish you had taken his photo.
Thanks for posting a great day.

And if you have a side box smoker, can't beat roasting your duck breasts there.
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By Spoonbill
I had a blast fighting it. My previous best was only 21". Fortunately I was in a channel and able to walk it as needed. I think in more open water it would have spooled me. My guess is I had only 50 yards of line, and 10# mono isn't good for sleigh rides.
nov10-2019 35 inch black drum.jpg
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By Ron Mc
great photo - my best on a fly rod is 25" in the far back of Fence Lake, and it was going to run until one of us was unconscious - when I finally stopped it, it charged and turned several times, which kept me really busy.
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By karstopo
Sounds like a great time. I gave away my decoys to my daughter’s friend who is furious at the ducks, I’m not so mad at the ducks anymore. Teal are great ducks to look at and eat and hard to hit.

That’s a big drum and big marsh redfish you got. Nice trout, too. I caught a big drum like that once with the fly rod. The fish pulled me around in the kayak in a large marsh drain for about 30 minutes. I couldn’t get it’s head to turn for the net. I did finally get it in. I swore never again, but still on occasion cast at some I see.
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By Spoonbill
Ha. I used to really hate those things too :wink: , but even when I was at my spread on Sunday morning I was watching the gulls and terns work about a half mile away and considered scrapping the duck hunt to go chase tails instead. Honestly, I probably only stayed put as long as I did because it was prime shooting time and I didn't want to risk paddling out and possibly flaring anybody's birds.

Set up in a little opening about 30 yards North/South, and 40 yards East/West. I like to set up so that if a duck is over water it's in range. Makes it easier, and beyond 100 feet the likelihood of a cripple, for me, really goes up. NE wind at 8 or so, partly cloudy. Dekes in groups of 3 with a little landing spot in the middle, me on the yak tucked back behind a little peninsula just 10 yards from the dekes, sun at my back. As I was getting ready at the yak 4 teal landed in the spread, then left. 15 minutes later a group of 3 made a little circle and came in cupped. Popped one at 20 yards, another at 25 yards, and was just behind on the 3rd at about 35 yards. Got too excited and lost focus. Had some single teal and merganser zip by at awkward angles, so didn't take the shots. Missed another teal later. Did have one nice drake merganser zip by real close. I'm not against shooting them, but I hadn't been hunting in the Texas marsh in a while and at that moment it seemed like more fun to just watch him fly. He was real low and close, straight right to left, with that big crest and yellow eyes.

I caught reds on Morning Glory Cocahoe, but I think they would have hit just about anything. Caught the first speck on a Chickenboy Shrimp of the same color. Later I threw the castnet out and got a couple of mullet. The reds were still on the move but the tide has risen so that birds gave up trying to find the bottom-feeding reds. Went to where I could see trout popping here and there. Was throwing different plastics, but in the meantime tossed a big chunk of cut mullet under a popping cork and caught a 21" trout. That really surprised me because I just had a bias that specks go for live fish, plastic/live/dead shrimp, and moving artificials. Now I know better.

Later I moved back into the channels working my way back to the launch. Got some smaller drum on castnet shrimp. Reeled in some blue crab on cut mullet. Quartered the crab, and got some more small drum and then the big one.

The hen bluewing was young and pretty typical of the teal I've shot. The drake, however, was older, and he was FAT. Bright white fat, bright liver and organ fat. So I skinned the hen but plucked the drake and will maybe roast him. The trout, "Costa Rican-style" ceviche with one, fish and chips with the other after I get a couple more. :D

Both are 13 foot, don't know the year.

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