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By Randy
Saturday morning , FireFly and I met up and launched at the FM 3478 bridge on the Trinity River @ 8:30am.
http://share.findmespot.com/shared/face ... DoZS6t9fxG
The river was still up some and had really good flow. This made the trip go by with ease.

On the way down river, we found some more deserted islands that wold be great for camping.

And seeing this ya just gotta think what happened here.
On the way down we had to share some wide spots in the river with some of the unsafest power boats, it makes ya wander.

Upon arriving at Harmon Creek Marina, @ 5 hours and 50 minutes , 18.5 miles later, we saw a group of folks cleaning a mess of fish at the cleaning table. Naturally we had to be nosey.
The recent rains up river have pushed fresh water, lowering the temp a bit and bringing the water level up some, pushing the Crappie up into Harmon Creek. This may be good for a few more weekends.

So, after a really hearty dinner, MREs, we sere sitting there and could see schools of shad busting the surface all over. Out came the cast net and we started netting shad. FireFly got excited and wanted to try her hand at the cast net... First time throwing she got a ton off em.

Suddenly, I was overcome with this sensous feeling to get some slime. So we paddled back out for a while before dark.
And it wasn't long before, I got some slime. Ohhhhh, it felt good.

I had to wet a hook before we left Sunday, and caught 2 Crappies in about 20 minutes in 6 feet of water around structure on minnows. for those curious minds, this is the exact spot .....

While I was soaking the minnows, fireFly landed this bass,,, you can just imagine the jokes about this picture..

I wanted to stay and soak some more bait but it was getting late and I had to pull out. FireFly has the rest of the pics.
This weekend pretty much did it for me...... plans are in action to borrow my son-in-law's trailer (AND wireless card!!!) and go paddle and fish at Harmon Creek for a week or so in comfort! Now all I have to do is figure out how to make room in the Srchr for Bo (my dog) :lol:

The trip down the Trinity was awesome with all the sloughs and islands to explore, good current, and a nice overcast day. Normally, there's not much that ruffles my feathers, but I could have made use of a good voodoo hex or something on some of the PBer's that would throw a wrench in their props! Especially when they start taking another half of MY half of the river :evil:

The fishing urge has returned after laying off it most of this hot summer. All it takes is catching a few keepers!

My pic's didn't turn out very good this trip...........it hasn't been a good week anyway with the techie stuff. 'Puter's on the fritz, just got used to a new cell phone and have to start all over with another new one (how can live in a huge metropolitan area and NOT get cell phone coverage ?????????? :evil: :evil: :evil: ), trying to figure out a new camera (Ryobi waterproof.....well, water resistant anyway) and took half the day to figure out how to download the lousey pic's.............guess my feather's do get ruffled.........sigh.

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By Firefly49
Just HUSH, guys! Things. just. aren't going. right. today. and. this. is. my. second. attempt. before. the. &*()#^ 'puter. goes. down. again!!! EXCEPT, for getting my new seat installed in the Srchr!! Gosh darn, I just about had a panic attack before drilling the first hole for fear I'd screw up :lol: :lol: Looks good, though......unless I got the CF or whatever you call it wrong :shock:

Whadaya' think?
Srchr 7.jpg
Srchr 3.jpg
Srchr 6.jpg
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By Firefly49
Sorry, Randy....kinda' invaded your thread here. By the way.....WHAT breakfast???????? Some people downed a couple cups of coffee before others even rolled out of their hammock...........
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By yakin ag
That's a great stretch of river, thanks for the report and the pics! This coming year one of the paddles I'd like to do is from the lock and dam @ Hwy 7 to the bridge on Hwy 21. That whole portion of the river upstream from Livingston is wonderful during the white bass run
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Nice man! That was a big king in the yak.

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