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Hardly get to post anything these days....but I have actually made some river time albiet not much over the summer and fall. Just going to consolidate it into one post.

July--Llano River

Hit the Llano for some paddling during the Mason roundup. Hot but a good time was had.
Here is me and my new catahoula/border collie pup

My girlfriend taking a jump off the bluffs

Obligatory sunset shot

Got to hit the Colorado one afternoon in the heat. Ran into DNR on the Garfield side. Good to see him
The pup went along too

October--Llano River
Did a float with some friends and their wives. Some great fall scenery!
My girl enjoying the float

Mostly a lot of fall scenery shots. Enjoy! (BTW the fall weather blew in a little rainstorm. The girls got chilly so we found a sheltered spot and made an impromptu fire to warm up by. Used driftwood, toilet paper, and some alcohol hand gel. Lit it with a lighter I always carry. Never know when ya might need it even on day trips.)





November--Colorado River 20 mile trip (Montopolis to Webberville)

Took some friends from work for a 20 mile overnighter. Unfortunately we had to fight a post cold front weather pattern with a low pressure system feeding rain. But we went in the middle of the week so we had the river to ourselves! fishing was slow the first day. Took me all day to reach double digits.
By the Walnut creek area


Making our way down the river


The weir dam. As expected the fishing was better below

If you were curious as to what color jig to use...here's the answer

Chris did a good job of muscling this guy out of the thick stuff in the rain

The bass were small the first day too

After 13 miles of paddling the first day, we slept well. We had to set tents up close to block the wind gusts that night.

The fishing improved the next day as surface and water temps warmed back up.

Todd caught a drum on the jig! He has the touch for the gaspers

Snakes out for the tan

The afternoon fishing improved




Chris caught him a nice 3# plus Largemouth

Finished the day hauling yaks and pulling a truck out of the mud

November--Colorado River

Played hooky one day...the weather was just too good not to get out there. Did a quick weekday run down from Austin Colony to Onion Creek and back up. Caught a dozen. Not bad for an afternoon.

Snakes thought it was a nice day too

Caught a nice chunk Largemouth on the jig. Almost 19 inches

Love the fall sunlight

Don't get out much on the water anymore. But I am thankful for the nice times I've had when I have went!
Beautiful pics, nice report. Looks like a great time. I haven't been on those rivers and would apprciate information on where to put in / take out and such. I'll be moving back to north Houston in a few weeks and would like to plan some trips like those you just posted.

Good reports and photos.
You've gotten in some nice trips when you could.
Nice fish too.
Beautiful scenery on the Llano there.

It's funny, a freind of mine picked-up a huge crawfish right below that dam too.
Colorado Lobsters.

Good to hear from you.
Post when you can.
Hey thanks guys good to see the board still up and running with good folks.
Paul, I guess her taste is a little suspect huh.. :lol:
David, hope y'all did good on your trip. I like that term "Colorado Lobsters"

Volyak, the 20 mile trip was where the Colorado meets Hwy 183 and took out at Little Webberville park off FM 969.
The Llano trips were off a friend's private property near Mason.

I hope to get out there more. Most of my time is spent watching my 3 year old son and working. He will get out there with me more over the next year. Looking forward to that. And hopefully fishing with y'all again soon too
Bigrock wrote:Thanks for the report(s) Beve. Looks like good times as usual. :D

Maybe of interest Beve...my daughter took her first ever teaching job this fall in Muleshoe. :D

Cool that is of interest..my aunt is a science teacher there. Congrats to your daughter!
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