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By GoDoe
It was good and bad and even sometimes too easy. I experienced some of the best and the worst of typical June fishing over the last three weeks.

I am pleased to report in my opinion the fishery is in better shape than I have ever seen it in my 15 yrs of participating in Texas Salt Water. There are lots of fish doing what they do. I saw more big trout this year than I have ever seen. I think the lowered trout limit is starting to pay off and the big flush of the bay systems by Harvey has really helped the fish. There have not been as many fishermen either, although those numbers seem to be coming back up as people reinvest in new boats and as lodging rebuilds and gives visitors a place to stay.

This is still a hard game and watching the continuously changing conditions is of the utmost importance. Tide level, weather, wind including direction are just a few things that must be monitored to try to put yourself in the right place to see and thus catch some fish. From day to day these conditions change and the fish are quick to react also. They may not be at the same place at the same time tomorrow so you better pay attention.

When a plan comes together it almost seems too easy but when you have misestimated any of the variables it can lead to a frustrating fruitless day. I had some of both but at least by only sight casting I know immediately what my situation is. Sometimes though the conditions are just unfishable for the way I like to do it. I should surrender quicker on those days but I have come so far to fish that I usually push it longer than necessary. It never works out well for me. I usually get tired and frustrated and want to go home...……….to Oklahoma.

Every night I look at the forecast for tide and weather and start anew with grand hopes for the next day. This is what I am always hoping to see

This fish laying in the grass (22") came from the water i am standing in. You can see the water is just over the top of my wading boots. That makes the water 7" deep. Nothing better than that for me!


I caught lots of fish. Some days as many as 20 and others days as few as 3 or 4 and even one Skunk in the bunch. I introduced a newbie to the Salt and he got to experience some success. I think I fished 17 days out of 21 and that's not bad considering some of the weather. Now I am home to recover and work on the plan of when to return.

What a great resource this is,


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