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By GoDoe
I have heard it said "Don't leave fish to find fish". I do it all the time though. I get bored with catching fish from a particular place. I want to go find new fish in new spots.

Well that about wore me out on this trip. Three days of basically no catching. I am used to staying 2-3 weeks at a time so 3 days lost to looking for new fish and not finding any is no big deal. This trip I was only fishing 6 days so I should have rethought my adventures.

After searching for and not finding any other clear water spots I returned to my day 1 spot. The water was running a little high this morning and that worked out perfectly. It was clear too except for all the black drum mucking it up. I started catching fish about 9:30 and by noon I had 14 blacks and 3 reds. Funny how the tug will improve your attitude. I got one more black as I drifted off the flats just after lunch to finish the day, the last day of this trip, with 15 black drum and 3 reds.

That will make the drive home tomorrow much more pleasant. Every fish was caught on a black spoon fly. Some of the drum were cruising and some were tailing. If you haven't tried a black spoon fly give it a go. It is very effective for black drum. Slowly strip it in front of their noses. They will even chase it a little bit. I love that forehead pushing a wake up to the back of my fly!

Next time, John
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By karstopo
Thanks for the report and tip on the spoon fly. I too often leave fish to catch fish. Once I’ve figured out what’s in a spot, I’m prone to try and find them someplace else. Finding new fish is a big part of the fun, at least it is for me.

Glad you got on them.
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By Ron Mc
black drum are the smartest fish on flats, and will definitely reject your fly the first few tries. Standing over a big one is one of those heart-in-throat experiences. They also run with more heart than any fish on the flats.

And since every thread ought to have a photo (even if it's not pretty)
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