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By shoffer
Kayak buddy wrote:It looks like my original post took less effort.

Ye old Kayak Buddy, I think that is Ron Mc's entire point. Perhaps it is this missing effort for which RonMc (and apparently the others on the FFR site he mentions) are longing, and are making a valiant effort to encourage you to employ it as you "find your voice" among fly fishing's elite. So, as you kick back tonight to watch your beloved Spurs sink further into mediocrity, give that a think, as I wish you Godspeed from the 713, the home of the Houston Astros, Beyonce, and the city that in July 2014, Business Insider dubbed the best city in America. https://www.businessinsider.com/houston ... ica-2014-6! Dilly Dilly!
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By shoffer
NativeSon wrote:OK, I'll jump in.
Repeated references to this forum dying, fewer posts...
Why the change???
The only other forum that I know of comparable is 2Cool, and they had too many pop up ads for my tastes.
I am missing something?

I don't know, NativeSon. I hate to sound like an old Codger (I will be 50 next month), but given the instant gratification and short attention span that the mobile devices and interwebs bring, I think spending the time to craft something entertaining and grammatically correct, complete with punctuation and captivating content, is simply too much to ask these days. With that said...
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By Kayak buddy
I just fly fish I'm not interested in finding my voice in the flyfishing elites. Thanks for the criticism. But im ok with just fly fishing. Cognition is something that takes place during learning, I'm asking you if you have learned anything from my post.

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By Kayak buddy
It could be that the reason people dont post is because this is just hobbie and yall are probably too critical, like this site actually replaces fly fishing. But whomever mentioned the mobile device being the reason to not employ cognitive processes in posting on this forums is absolutely right. Mobile devices have become a secondary memory storage and learning device. Do you really need over elaboration if the picture is posted to a flyfishing forum. It is essentially self-explanatory at that point. "It's a picture of a fish and I caught it." So hospitality might be the problem here and being friendly.

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By Ron Mc
When I returned to this forum a few summers ago, it was all but dead.
We've built up a pretty good base of intelligent contributors since then, simply by having activity - and quality posts - attorneys included :mrgreen:
Most, if not all of the trolls are gone.
The best thing about bulletin boards are the archive - much easier to search and much more interactive than the blogs and social media dump sites that saturate internet bandwidth.
On this forum, rigging is the prime page, and frequently, you see archived rigging posts brought to the top and updated.
As far as making the site work smoothly, simply remove the chip from your shoulder.

I also noticed today almost all fishing reports on the first page are averaging over 100 hits/day this week alone, so we're doing something right here.
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By shoffer
Ye Old Kayak Buddy, thank you for your post. To answer your question, "yes," I have learned from it, and I appreciate it, because it has motivated me to chime in with a robust interest and take the time to craft my responses carefully. So thank you for that, as I am enjoying the intellectual exercise, and I enjoyed defending your brother Mike a bit, upon whom, in view, you barked at a little too much as he accompanied you to the beautiful Hill Country streams you visited.

With that, let me say that it is not a crime to enjoy validation from one's efforts. All humans crave it, in one form or another, whether they want to admit it or not. I assume that your "hobbie" (sic) was borne, to some extent, from the validation one receives when the view count on the Youtube videos climb, and the subscriber base grows. [In all candor, when I was spending hours upon hours editing my own videos, and posting them to Youtube, I admit that I enjoyed it as well, so I get it.] If one really enjoys their "hobby" (singular) or "hobbies" (plural), it has been my experience that taking the time to hone one's craft does not feel like "effort," and if someone cares enough to take their time to offer an informed opinion on your work, you should be grateful for it. I think the whole point of our spirited debate - at its core - is to encourage you to provide interesting, informative and compelling content. We all benefit from that and indeed, that is why this site has been so entertaining in the past. It is all too easy to post a picture and say "Hey world, look what I did." Youtube and 2Cool are littered with those folks. But when those who desire to be "instafamous" "put themselves out there," I think it not unreasonable to expect them to take the good with the bad, and it is a worthy (albeit difficult) pursuit to find merit in everyone's opinion. To that end, I find it fascinating when someone who posts prolifically on social media is all too happy to take positive comments as the gospel, but then screams like a petulant toddler when the so-called "keyboard bullies" have the unmitigated temerity to post an opinion that might not square with the poster's inflated self-image. The Kardashian Clan (as hot as many of them are) would perhaps be Exhibit A to my argument on this issue. As the social media "influencers" might say, it has me "SMH."

At the end of the day, though, I want to apologize if my posts might have offended you. As I see it, spirited debate is a past time as old as our great nation. Harken back to the Declaration of Independence, or the debates so eloquently chronicled in the Federalist Papers. In my view, that is really all this thread is - a spirited debate - with a friendly jab or two thrown in to spice it up. Some of the most memorable debates in modern times reflect this sentiment. Remember this one?

So, to sum up, suck it up, and up your game, player. It will increase your Youtube views, grow your subscriber base, and give you the validation I am assuming (perhaps wrongly) you seek. But if am I am completely off base, then I welcome your comments, even if they include your genuinely held opinion that I am no [insert name of any poster whom you believe might be more informed or entertaining that I am].
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By NativeSon
Hey Shoffer,
I'm turning 63 this year, so I declare myself "crustier than thou"!
The only poster who I know is older is Kayak Kid, because he said so.
Had to go to the eye doctor Mon, because I was seeing "floaters & flashes" in my vision.
Another "ailment de jour". :evil:
And I take pride in taking care of myself!

Kayak Buddy, believe it or not, I have experienced nothing but comradery on this forum, people willing to share and help, and very little if no elitism.
Perhaps as others have hinted, maybe slow down on the number of posts, shoot for things of real interest (most people here have probably seen zillions of fly tying videos). Otherwise, welcome to the group, I think you will find that most folks here are top notch and uber friendly.
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By Ron Mc
I will add that what the forum is really missing is new boaters and new fishers posting in the top two pages (kayaking and fishing) - and asking questions.
10 years ago on this forum, that was where everything happened. So either people aren't showing up, they're not posting, or they're afraid to ask questions.

Seems a little odd to me - where are they going to get their questions answered? -are they asking the 20-somethings at BPS and expanding ACK outlets? - are they just not asking questions anymore? - or is everyone now an instant expert?
(honestly, the last seems to be the youtube tack -this thread shares the same title as a book first penned by Doc Prichard )

What makes this format superior, IMO is that people talk to each other in more than cryptic twits - they interact, find like minds, and form friendships miles apart.

The "how old" thread shows we have a great range in ages lurking on the forum.
Rigging is not quite the creative art it once was, new boats come with much of the rigging already thought-out, and I guess you can find a YouTube to how-to just about anything.
I've found some of my own vintage reel-repair honed skills from those old written essays duplicated in others' blogs and YouTubes (one blog even plagiarized mine and other friends' photos)
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By JW FunGuy
Well, I kind of think that this has come full circle. Many people, and I think especially the younger ones, go to YouTube for everything. Hell you can learn how to overhaul an engine on YouTube! Everything they need is in the palm of their hands, the news, the world and their “friends”!
When I first came here I was looking for an overview of what others were doing and using in the world of kayak fishing, kind of a snapshot if you will. If I wanted to be entertained by someone catching fish after fish and get an idea of what that person used or did I might watch a video but that usually doesn’t last too long. Some folks want to learn, some be entertained and others just want to show off.
Yep, and I’m just old, but I still want to learn. :) So thanks to y’all that share your knowledge.
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By Ron Mc
If you didn't learn something every trip, you're not doing it right.
I like writing photo essays, part to share, part to interact, part just for me in the detail the exercise lets me remember over decades.
I swear this isn't showing off - I'm just trying to get my cats whisker. :mrgreen:
And I love it when others share their photos - keep 'em coming guys !!!!
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By Kayak buddy
YouTube is informative, reading and forum checking are done on smart devices. I personally read alot of my work off smaller screens. So writing is already done on a smart device.

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