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By Kayak buddy
Heres a problem I think I solved that I had, it's a slightly larger profile of a clouser minnow. I don't know if anyone has done this, but the material is #6 streamer hook, flash, buck tail, craft fur, med dumb bell eyes and UV resin. Tie the DB eyes about halfway down the hook shank. Tie in the lighter color buck tail over the flash for a minnow tail, it should extend a hook shank past the bend. Reverse tie some craft fur behind the DB eyes and fold back as with a hollow fly technique tie a thread dam to hold fur back repeat procedure in front of the eyes and get a small hair clip to hold fur in place. Place a small amount of UV resin around the minnow head and saturate the fur to form the head. Check for fish profile and hit it with UV light to harden. Heres a link if you can't figure out how to tie it.

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