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I have buddies who are "normal sized" and can stand while drifting across flats to spot fish and cast to them. As a big guy, I am forced to stay seated and be as stealthy as possible as I scoot through the shallows looking for signs of redfish. Recently on a solo outing I made it happen and it was more rewarding than I had anticipated. I guess after a hundred mud boils where the fish saw me before I could see them, it would naturally feel pretty good to hook them on the fly. The first red was 28" and the second 25.5". The sight of a big bronze back above the waterline cruising toward me in hunt mode was really cool. Presenting a big Clouser and having him eat it was even cooler.

Nice going. I like hunting redfish as much as any sort of fishing. I'll also structure fish with fly tackle, but sight fishing shallow water redfish with a fly rod is about the most fun I have fishing and more fun than it was with conventional gear. Something about the sight stalk, cast, eat, set, fight sequence with a fly rod way tops the same sequence with conventional tackle. My first fly rod sight cast slot red, to hand anyway, went 28" and 9.5# on the Boga and came on a chartreuse clouser. Took me a long time to top that fish.

I like to fish standing and it becomes painful if I sit for too long in a kayak, but the Commander kayak with its hull design really makes it a super stable standup stalking and casting platform. Being elevated really helps to spot fish well away from the kayak and then plan the ambush. It's too bad WS stopped producing the Commander. The Jackson Kilroy looks intriguing as a similar type design.
I never had much trouble catching reds from my kayak. And, I aways kept my butt in the chair In doing so (never trusted my balance well enough to stand In my yak).

No secret on my part. I learned so much from fishing with Slowride about how to spot reds simply by observing surface actions. I can truly blame him for much of my kayak fly fishing success.
Yeah I'm new to this, so my troubles may not be shared by the experienced guys. It should get easier as I figure things out, but I am really enjoying learning to catch these fish on my own by trial and error. If I bring home one or two fish and learn how to do better next time, it's a successful trip.

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