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By karstopo
My favorite catfish getting pattern is a balanced leech jig. Seems to be the best thing I’ve tried for getting channel cats. Image
I guess Balanced leeches are popular on western Stillwater for getting trout, like the giant cutthroat on Pyramid lake. That’s where I heard about Balanced leeches, reading an article or two on fishing for those big Cutthroat there.
My Stillwater is an oxbow here in Brazoria County that’s infested with channel catfish. I don’t fish the leeches under an indicator like they often do out west, but sort of slow roll them close to the substrate. Image
The Balanced leeches work well on Crappie and bass too. Swims a little different than a bead head woolly bugger because of the different way they are Imageweighted
By bones72
Looks like the ones I used on Spinney and Eleven Mile Lakes in Colorado for big trout and on some of the other reservoirs for walleye.
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By karstopo
They are just marabou and Arizona Simi Seal. I use tungsten beads as the weight. Banker's pins for the extension.

I have not used them in the saltwater, mainly because of the light wire, soft and easily corrosion hooks. I bet they would work in the salt, too.
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