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By bones72
Tied up some variants of the much touted cat's whisker. Couldn't find my artic fox, (if I have any left), and went with 'bou all the way around. Also messed with other body materials. Tied on Bass Pro White River general purpose 2x long #8 that was pretty much my go to for slump busters in Colorado.

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By Ron Mc
great effort.
of course Arctic fox improves these.
What really improves them, though, is not using marabou tips, but using the middle marabou stem cut into short segments.
Pick 2 or 3 small stem segments, twist them together and tie them in.


here's some I tied with dumbell eyes just for loaner spin fishing
ImageYears ago when I sent some of these to my cousins in Tennessee, they caught the biggest bass of their lives in borrow pits, along the roads elevated above muddy bottoms.

also in the loaner spin box are single-hook spinners I made for trout
By bones72
I also use to do single hook spinners for my spinning gear buddies. Here's a pike bunny spinner I used to have on hand for my friends when we had to Spinney Reservoir or Tarryall.

Pike spinner.jpg
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By Ron Mc
that ought to work for toothy fish -
here's a 35-or-so-inch longnose gar I sight-fished with a cats whisker.
It's astounding to watch them rocket a dozen feet or more to snag your lure, and they make great aerials when hooked.
They have incredible eyesight.
ImagePlanting solid in their jaw, it takes pliers to retrieve your fly.

There's an un-named falls down from Center Point Lion's Park, and you can find pods of these big gar milling in the cypress shade in the slow deep flagstone pool just upriver from the falls.
You get Many More explosive strikes than hook-ups.
By bones72
I am familiar with the old longnose gar. In my younger days I used to do a lot of bowfishing and they were high on the hit list as they not only provided a trophy target but good table fare as well. Gar balls and frog legs were a favorite late springtime meal when I was here before through in some crawfish if they were up already too and it was a real treat.
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By Ron Mc
the standard approach for fishing gar is using a frayed rope end like a lure - the fibers get tangled in their teeth.

This is also a factor with the arctic fox - it has a velcro effect in fish teeth, which gives you more time to set the hook.
If you look closely, sunfish including bass, and true bass (white and striper) have one or two rows of grabbing teeth on their tongue.
It's also why the arctic fox wing ends up wearing away on long-fished flies.

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