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By let's go
Since the fly desk thread went over so well......and I like playing with the camera........here's a group of my favorite flies. Show me your's.
By NoBoat
Scott, You need to label them so us newbie fly fisherman know what they are.

Since I am photo challenged I will bring them to the next FTU meeting.looks like you have some good ideas. I especially like your bendbacks. Good luck at AP this weekend,I wish I could make IT. 8) :cry: :( :cry:
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By let's go
Here goes. I believe these names are right. I'll probably butcher a couple of them.

The two in the upper left corner were tied by artist Larry Haines of Port Isabel. He gave me those and I think he refered to them as his version of a Lefty's Deceiver. Beautiful movement in the water. I haven't yet duplicated those.

The three in the middle of the left column are my versions of Surf Candy flies.

The bottom left and all of the center row are bendbacks that I tie using Sparkle Braid on the hook shank and various materials for the wings. Snookdude's favorite of those is the copper braid body with the glow chartruese wing topped with copper flash. It flashes like a copper/gold spoon in the water. I use it when I want to throw a spoonfly, but it's too windy to use the spoon. All of the heads are coated with Loon "Hard Head". It's a water based epoxy substitute.

The upper right is something I tied after seeing one somewhere. I believe it's a Blanton's Whistler, but don't quote me on that. In the water it somewhat imitates an eel. There are times (like now) when the reds and trout are eating a small dark colored eel.

The three on the bottom right column are an ugly little thing I made one day while I was playing around getting started. I had it in my box last spring when I ran into a bunch of picky reds south of Mansfield. I threw every fly I had at them and got a bunch of refusals. They wouldn't eat spoonflies, poppers, deceivers, etc. I finally looked at this butt ugly thing and decided to give it a try. They ate it without hesitation. I cleaned a couple of them for dinner and found they were full of little shrimp. I had three double digit days in a row with it. It consists of a pair of beadchain eyes tied to the bottom middle of the shank to make the hook ride point up, overwrapped by cactus chenille for a body, and a craft fur tail striped with a black marker and a few strands of pearl Krystal Flash. It has no name, I just refer to it as my shrimpycrabybuggylookingthing. I'm going to let Mercy throw one tomorrow. If she catches that first red on it then maybe we can name it after her. :D

Kinda longwinded, but I hope it helps.
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By fishin'
Nice selection of flies. I think I have heard the "ugly things" called Gotcha's. I tie a similar fly with orange cactus and gold foil tail and call it my "redfish candy". The epoxy shrimp I tied for fishing under the lights but have not used them yet. (yes, I know they are backwards. :oops: ) Clousers are my favorite fly and I'm just starting to tie with the synthetic fibers. Need lots of practice on all fronts. :lol: I keep trying. I like how you can blend the colors and shape the synthetics and how easily they cast.

I entered a Fly Swap in 2003. The subject was probably the most important, in saltwater especially, fly ever designed and one that I always carry with me...The Deceiver. My fellow tiers were all striper fishermen from the NE (Yankees!) and their's were more of the traditional color patterns. Being somewhat of a different egg, I chose a flavor I have had good luck with in the spring (SW) and also in fresh water...Firetiger. Here it is. I have decided that, when I get my share, I will take one of my many unframed prints and invest a small fortune in a shadow box framing scheme with the flies. Here is my entry....

PS...excuse the quality of the pic...it was the first one I took with my digital.
Firetiger Deceiver.jpg
Firetiger Deceiver.jpg (19.75 KiB) Viewed 4361 times
By Kayak Kid
What a great set of bendbacks. Wish I knew how to put a photo of my flys on this discussion board, but I am mentally challanged to do so. The gotchas are one of my favorites but I tie them weedless and use a synthetic fur for the tail. Wait till you throw one of these into trout feeding on shrimp!!!! My very favorite fly is the VIP popper. I've cought my all time record trout and red on this killer. I tie mine with an orange head,
doll eyes, and use natural deer hair for the tail. Thanks for shareing your flys.
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By fishin'
AC, nice deceiver. Wish the pic was better though. I tried my hand at deceiver with the synthetics today. Kinds rough but might work. Also tried a new pattern for me. Saw it in 1/04 Saltwater Fly Fishing mag. Rasta. Both of these are tied on Mustad 34007 #4.
Who all has used the synthetic hair stuff and what sucesses, pitfalls, etc have you had?

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By Animal Chris
Fish'n, Yeah, the pic doesn't do the fly justice. What I have done with synthetics is to use some crystal chennille instead of mylar on the body. It helps keeps the broad profile. Another little trick is to tie a little mono lip under the head. All it consists of is a small loop of 12# hard Mason (about the depth of the head) covered with Soft Body. It gives the fly a little side to side jig when fished with short strips. I'll try and get a pic posted.
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By let's go
They look pretty, but not a one of 'em worked this weekend. I also threw poppers and spoonflies. Got four half-hearted takes on the spoonfly and a couple of slaps at the poppers.
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By Animal Chris
B*tch, B*tch, B*tch. At least you were out there. All I could do was work with my "Fly O" around the house and wait for the phone to ring. Heck, I couldn't even get a rise out of the cat. AC
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By Barry
Your "shrimpycrabybuggylookingthing" is very close to a pattern called the Cactus Shrimp.
Looking good, in a couple of weeks, look at the first flys you tied to see how far you've come.
Good job!!! There's hope for you yet.
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By Chip Pitcairn
Animal Chris, you got a fly-o too? Great tool/toy. I don't know if it helps my casting, but it does help the withdrawls from not flyfishing a little.
Chip Pitcairn
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By fishin'
OK, so what is a "Fly-O"??
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By let's go
I knew that i had seen a fly like this somewhere. It's on page 76 of "Texas Saltwater Classics". It's listed as Patrick's 20/20, tied by Patrick Elkins. Also, the fly in the vise on my other thread "flyboard fodder" is a Bead Eye Roadkill originated by Mark Petrie. It's on page 64 ofthe same book. BTW, this is a must-have book for all of you beginers..........and not a bad thing for the old-timers
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The clouser is tied with hair from my yellow lab's tail.
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By popasan
those are some nice looking flys......i will see about posting a few of my ugly flies in a few days.... :)

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By Animal Chris
Fish'n, a Fly O was the invention of Lee and Joan Wulff to teach their children casting. It's a short rod with a length of yarn that actually casts a lot like fly line. I have to agree with Chip about whether it helps you cast any better, but I can sit in my easy chair, cast it all I want with out worry about hooking any one and if you catch the cat in the right mood......well, let's just say that the only thing missing is watching him light up like a marlin when she strikes. Mine is a rip off, though. I found a broken rod tip (the last 3½ ft) in the trash, put on a handle and invested in a length of yarn about 15 ft. Breaks the monotony of doing nothing.
By snookdude
Let's Go why are you showing some of them secret flies (j.j). :shock: Those flies sure are good looking. I have tought you well my padiwon. 8)
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By let's go
I was chastised today at FTU for not giving out the proper name of the bendbacks at the bottom of the left and middle rows. I made them up last year while recovereing from my deer hunting "incident". Ruben loved 'em so much that I had named them "Ruben's Killer" in his honor. He helped out with the color scheme.......Copper sparkle braid on the shank, a chartruese glow flashabou wing, and copper flash on the top. Try it sometime. The thing sparkles like a spoon in the water.
By NoBoat
Ok, since everyone else was showing off their flies, I thought it was my turn.
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By GoinCoastal
OK ... You asked for it!!!!! Here's some of my artwork
Saltwater Top Waters
My Cactus Shrimp Derivative
Glo-in-the-Dark Crazy Clousers
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By GoinCoastal
Saltwater Sub Surface Flies
Freshwater Flies
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