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What lights do the best job showing true daylight? I have a swing arm desk light with a incadesent GE reveal true bulb,had to paint the globe black to keep from blinding myself.Also a 4ft.two bulb floressent. With the reveal bulb I'm not sure I'm getting true color. :roll: :idea:
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By M-D

I use a Reveal bulb to illuminate rods for wrapping. Considering that the silk I use is way tiny, I need all the help I can get. I did find, however, that the Reveal bulbs gave a more true colour than a regular bulb like, say, a soft white. I also have a stand-up Ott Light I use for tying. It's not overly bright, but does illuminate well-enough for tying. I dont require as much brightness for tying as I do for wrapping.

Regular floresecent bulbs are the worst for colour distortion.

By kirbyt
Ott Lights can be found at your Office Depot in their lights. They have various models but most all are the 13 Watt tubes. The light is supposed to give you 'true color'.

But the best value is if you can find the desk models with or without the magnifying lens hood. Michaels crafts store has these in some locations. Watch for their weekly Sunday ads that give you 40% off any item in the store. Then take this and pick up their Ott-Lites of your choice. This is the best price in town until they wise up.

I use one for fly tying and this is the same light offered in the fly tying catalogs for $100+.

Hope this helps the bargin hunters! :)
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By Barry
Hey guys
Below is a link to a fabric store in FL. that has some great sales on Ott Lights and other components that are useful for the tying bench. They're having a 40% off sale going on now. However, I've see them blow this stuff out for 60% off. I picked up a light for my bench that came with an extra arm, a tray and a weighted base for about $55.00 delivered.
Check them out!!!

Jo Anne’s
Tying bench & light.jpg
Tying bench & light.jpg (46.76 KiB) Viewed 3695 times
Tying bench & light1.jpg
Tying bench & light1.jpg (41.8 KiB) Viewed 3695 times
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By M-D
That thing looks like the latest permutation of the Starship Enterprise! Beam me up, Barry!

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By Barry
M-D wrote:That thing looks like the latest permutation of the Starship Enterprise! Beam me up, Barry!


OK you're up!
The extension arm really works out well for holding a backdrop board for tying and/or photographing flys. The tray almost holds as many components/tools as the side rails on the bench. For the amount of money I had to spend on it, I couldn't let it pass.

You should have seen the jury rigging I had to do to photograph a fly before I got this contraption. It used to take me a half an hour just to set up for the first Photo. Now it takes about 3 minutes.
Man, I've got way too much time on my hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bulb=21.95 O well I guess I'll have to wait till the sun comes out. :D :P :P
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By fishin'
Found a Ott flex arm plus 18W at Hancock Fabrics yesterday and got it for $80. :lol: Got it home and unpacked it and found the lamp broken. Bummer. Taking it back today to get the lamp exchanged. Like the lamp, especially for that price. I looked for the "Scrapbook" light that Barry has but could not find one anywhere. :cry: Hopefully they will make it right and my search for a tying light will be over.

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