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By Top Water
Just got back from Gruene and brought home a Dyna-King Trekker. It's like Christmas time all over. I must say this store is awsome. I also bought some tying material and the owner gave some of it to me free to include a saddle hackle. If you are ever in the area you have to stop by this store. It is worth it.

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By GoinCoastal
No Doubt!!!!!!!!!!!! It's my favorite shop too!!!! And they will deal with you too. I have to stop the next time down to the Guad and pick up some materials myself. He also has some really cool straw hats too. I gotta me one of those!!!!!!!!!
By Spuds (Piscator Eximius)
I lived for a year, working in New Braunfels, and the folks there are great! Very helpful and a good resource for Guadalupe fishing info, too.
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By let's go
GC - Next time I'm out that way we need to go there and meet up for lunch or something.........BTW, I was an innocent bystander with all the picture taking at the party :wink: yeah, right :lol:
By NoBoat
GC, If you are looking for a cool straw hat, you need to check out the Riverz. Their made out of woven polypropolyene, but you wouldn't know it. They're crushable and float. They have serveral styles to choose from.
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By Clip
Gruene Outfitters is now carrying TFO rods.

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