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By SemperFly
Has any one had luck with crab flies? Enough that you would use them as your go to lure? I have been tying several different patterns and have not had much success but then again I did not get to fire at a lot of fish this year.

As soon as this knuckle dragger figures out how to post photos I will attach pics.

Anyone have any suggestions/ pics/testimonials?

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By fishin'
I have not tried them but there are plenty of signs in the flats that the crabs are being eaten very often. Little bits and pieces of crunched bones and shell. I would also think that the crab fly would be good for the black drum but haven't seen any posts to that effect.

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By Chip Pitcairn
I use a crab colored fly ( orange and blue) as one of my favorites. True crab imitations are so bulky that I don't like to cast them if I can help it.
Chip Pitcairn
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By GoinCoastal
Chip - Do you have any photos and/or instructions for this crab colored fly?
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By let's go
The top two in the trio were tied by Rosario at Angler's Edge. The bottom one I made up myself. Way too detailed, but fun to make.
crab trio.JPG
Scott's crab.JPG
By landlocked
The kwan fly is an awesome crab fly. I use it in the keys alot but I have not tried them down in Texas. It is a bonefish slayer an I'm sure they would work on reds just as well.
daiishi 2546 sz 4,6
bead chain eyes
tail-poly bear in tan,brown etc.
body-sparkle yarn brown and tan alternated to fill the distance from eyes to tail
weedguard if desired
I've used the rubber legs on this fly also
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By Barry
The Kwan works here as does the Merkin (the Kwan is just a Merkin with a tail), if you can keep them from hanging up in the grass. I've caught Reds and Trout on both of them, but they're a pain in the a** to fish down here because of that. If I had to choose between the crab/kwan flys or a Voodoo Child, the VC would win every time.
Just my .02 cents.
Hey Barry me to. :roll: :D
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By Chip Pitcairn
Goincoastal, it's tied withbed chain or lead eyed over the bend of the hook. The tail is orange/red foxtail. I have also tied it with a chartruse
fox tail. Ididn't tie these two I bought them from Rockport Kayak Outfitters. I missed you in AP last weekend, I wish you could have come.
Chip Pitcairn
2004-01-07 001.JPG
2004-01-07 003.JPG
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By Bluffer
Pardon my ignorance but do these crab and say spoon flies float? or are they slow-sinkers? whats approximate wieght on one?
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By let's go
My little blue crab has a foam body and a small lead dumbell weight underneath. It sinks fairly quickly. The spoons are unweighted, but they sink with a slow flutter.
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