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By GoinCoastal
OK... So everybody is showing their tying stations. Well, since I smoke and I don't do it indoors, the garage has become my lounge. I do all my tinkering in the lounge. And it is my storage area too. You will see kayaks, a wind surfer, rod storage, lots o shelves, and my old oak kitchen table (awaiting refinishing someday). I also have a wireless network here at the house so I can also surf the web and listen to Chase's games out there on my laptop.
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By popasan
hey Joe, nice looking set-up......but.....looks way to neat, take a pic after its a little messy... :D

is that your new kingfisher vise?......looks good, how do you like it?

just in case of a fire, i like the smoke detector in the chair...nice touch.. :)

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By GoinCoastal
I cleaned it up this morning to take the pics and to get ready for the first attempt at spoon flies today.

That is the Kingfisher!!! I love it!!! I have to start buying the attachments for it now.

That isn't a smoke detector. Its a glo-in-the-dark flying disc similar to a floopy frisbee. I haven't any smoke detectors in the garage. I would set it off when its cold and I have the doors closed. THATS WHEN IT REALLY IS LIKE A LOUNGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL IT NEEDS IS SOME BARFLYS!!!
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By MarkT

Thanks for inviting us into your garage/den. A concrete floor is very practical for the ease of sweeping up hair trimmings. I didn't notice any obvious overspray from your airbrush. Do you have a spray booth?

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By Barry
Hey Joe
Nice setup.
If you were to put some candles on that table, you could invite Dean over for a Romantic dinner and night of wild, passionate fly tying.
I'd give $100.00 for the photos. (LOL)
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By let's go
I like the plant by the table. Nice homey touch. Looks like you could live out there if (when) you get in the doghouse with Mel.
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By Birdsnest
All you need is a neon sign, a crusty ol' couch and a liquor license - then you could serve up some schlitz and charge a dollar for admission. 8) Nice set up!
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By Barnacle Bill
Maybe Joe and Dean could mud wrestle. That would up the admission price to $1.50. Then Barry would pay A LOT more for the pics.
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