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By John_c
Hey gang, I have been tying fly's for about (1) month now give me your opinion of my first attempt at the squid!
Squid.JPG (20.89 KiB) Viewed 1877 times
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By Animal Chris
Nice looking calamari, Cojo. What size did you tie that one on? One suggestion: You might want to try it on a 34011 hook. A squid's body is longer than his tenticles...Other than that, let her fly. Tight Loops, AC
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By Barry
"A Squids body is longer than his whaaaatttt....... Oh, never mind, you said tenticles.
looKs good try a #4 3x for longer body. :idea: 8) :D
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By Animal Chris
Barry, Barry, Barry....I don't know what we are going to do with you, but then again, being born with short fat fingers and a bad aim, there is not telling what I might accidently type. Sometimes the fingers don't type what the brain tell's it to. AC

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