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By chavez
I'm sure this is well know but I need to ask:

1. What are common fly sizes used on 8wt lines for reds and trout? #2 or 1/0?
2. What fly size does one typically use for fishing with a 5wt under lights? #6 or smaller or can I get away with a #4?
3. anyone ever have flies common in size that they cast with either a 8wt or 5wt for when targeting trout or reds?
4. i've seen many flies presented lately but am curious if anyone primarily uses circle hooks rather than the normal hooks and does this require adjusting the hook size as compared to the normally used hook size?
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By fishin'
I tie for the flats and inshore fishing in #6 and #4 mostly. The #4 is not too small for reds on the flats or too large for trout under the lights. Lot easier to get out of the fishes mouth too. I also tie #2 and 1/0 when I think I need them but for me that is mostly for jetty fishing where I want a larger fly. I haver tied with circle hooks and did not alter the pattern to do that. The circle hooks I used were Mustad C71S SS Circle Streamer hooks in sizes 4 and 2. I've caught pinfish on 2's, the hook size didn't seem to discourage them. :lol:
I also tie for freshwater to #4 and have caught perch and white bass on #4. Usually tie #12 to 6 for fresh though. For white bass (coming up soon) I use Mustad 3407 & 34007 in #6 or #8 but the 8's can be pretty hard to get out of the fish. I have started pressing down the barb now so hopefully releases will be easier.

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By Barry

1. Mostly, I use 8's, 6's & 4's. However, I'll sometimes tie Gurglers on a #2 3407.
2. I throw a 6wgt under the lights and use mostly 6's & 4's
3. Yes, most every thing I cast on my 8wgt can be casted with my 6wgt.
4. I use circle hooks on a lot of my patterns. The circles I use are in the same sizes as the J hooks.
By chavez
Barry, fishin',

Thanks for enlightening me. It seems #4 and #6 also are common fly sizes for largemouth bass which I also enjoy fishing for.
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By Barry
chavez wrote:Barry, fishin',

Thanks for enlightening me. It seems #4 and #6 also are common fly sizes for largemouth bass which I also enjoy fishing for.

Those two hook sizes cover 80% of the flys I tie to fish in TX. I don't get into the larger hooks (1/0-6/0) unless I'm fishing offshore/Billfish or fishing FL.
By Guest
Ditto what Fishin' and Barry said. Most of my stuff is size 4 either the Mustad 3407 (short shank hook) or th Mustad 34011 (longer shank for my spoon flies). Anthing in the 6, 4 or 2 category is gonna work fine.
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