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After taking the Wizards classes last year I have but one thing to say.If you are intersted in becomeing a flyfishing person thats the only way to go,plus his classes are a blast,he can also convince the wife that you should have a new flyrod,one that fits your casting style.OK thats two things.I could go on but I'll save some for next time. :roll: 8) :D
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By Barnacle Bill
Maybe if we beg him he will line up another fly tying class with Kevin. That was the best $25 I have spent in a long time.
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By GoinCoastal
If you live in the Austin area, check out UT's Informal Classes. Bill teaches a beginners flyfishing class thru them for $56. There are 4 meetings over a 2 week period. The first class is classroom instruction on everything from line weights and knots to presentation and species. The second class is fly tying. The other 2 classes are casting lessons at Town Lake. It is really a great beginners course. I learned a bunch from him.

I would highly recommend his course!!!!!!!!
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By GoinCoastal

Choose view courses and then select "Sports & Recreation" category.

Bill has a beginners flyfishing starting Feb 10, 2004. The price has gone up to $88 but it would still be worth it. They also lowered the class size to 6. There 2 openings left. There were 12 in my class. A smaller class would be much better!!!!!!!!! I guess thats why the price went up.
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By Guest
Joe, Barnacle Bill;

That is exactly why the class went up. I just felt as if 12 was too many, that people could not get enough quality time with that many. The coordinator at UT Informal Classes agreed and we upped the price so we could have fewer people.

Bob Lowery, Joe Poole, thanks for the kind words. I really the sport and find great satisfaction in sharing that with others.

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