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By Top Water
I'm having to almost straighten my hook every time I want to use a bead head. Does everyone have to do this or am I not getting it? I just can't figure out any other way of getting the bead to fit so it can slide on.
I don't tie them but thats a good question. 8) :D
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TW, I have the same problem! I hope there is an easier way to get them on.
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By M-D
On what hook style/model no. are you trying to tie them? I rarely used them for freshwater trout, but I've never had this problem. Could it also be the wrong bead size for the hook?

By Top Water
I'm not too sure what style of hook but it's a 1/8 brass bead. I tried a 5/32 nickel on the same hook and still no fit. I read Fishin' link and it said to try to squash the bead but I can't seem to bend nickel. I havn't tried the brass but the nickel was a bigger bead. I think the hook is a size 8. It's a small sucker. I can find no other way than to un-bend the hook. I've bought some copper johns and then bought the same size in hook and I think bead and when I tried to tie it I have to un-bend the hook so therefore some how the pro's are doing it with out.
By kirbyt
Part of the problem is you are using beads with the same size hole on both sides. If you look some of the beads or cone heads sold exclusively for flies then see how the holes are sized. Some of the beads have a larger hole in back to allow for the bend. :idea:

Being frugal (cheap) I try to do same by buying at the local craft store. Same problem. The only way around this is to buy size larger and then superglue with the thread bump. The other way is by enlarging the back side. On some beads this works and others end up in the trash. :cry:

If you will send me a private message (pm) then I check with our resident bead expert on Thursday night (MCFR flytying night). I'll find what size of bead will work on the size 8 hook. Can you send me the hook model or number and brand you are using?
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