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By e
Couldn't find very much specific information as far as a recipe, so basically adapted some of the tips l found here on redfish on the half shell, since l planned to grill them. So thanks up front to all who have shared their redfish recipes/pix/etc.

So for those who do not know what the "throat" is or how to remove it, l will start there. Fillet the fish like you normally would to begin with. Look just behind the gill plate about midway up the fish-about even with the lateral line of the fish and you will find a small "joint", slide you knife under that and work it lose. lt takes a little practice, but after 2 or 3, it gets easier. Once this area is disjointed, then cut away the gills on that side and repeat on the other side. At this point, you should be able to pull both sides forward and the only attachment is where the gills meet at the underside of the fish. Slice it off, flatten out, and voila you have the throat.

They should look like this with pectoral and pelvic fins still attached:
Snapper Throats TKF.JPG

Of course, you can remove the fins if preferred.

l first covered with garlic butter, placed sliced maters, onions, and peppers, seasoned with seasalt, black pepper, Slap Ya Mama cajun seasoning, and for mine, my personal supply of a ground up natively grown hill country red pepper. Let them sit until they reached room temp and placed on a hot grill skin/scale side down.

Snapper Throats Grill.JPG

Left them on the grill at about 350 deg for 20 minutes, at that point they were fork tender and easily removed from the bone/cartilage/whatever they got in there. The meat is the whitest l have seen on a fish with an excellent flavor; the kiddies loved it; the little lady, while she like it, could have done without the onion and garlic(should have anticipated that one). Anyway, it is definitely a keeper!

Here is the finished product:
Snapper Throats Grilled.JPG

Oh and those maters grilled with special pepper on them were a little something extra special!
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By Milkjug
Good stuff, you can also remove throats by just cutting the thin area next to where the gills come together, then prying/twisting/cutting the part midway up the gills that hold the throat on.

Reds and black drum also have sizeable throats that are worth keeping.

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