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By bones72
Holy Cow!!! Thought this site went away. Haven't been on since January I guess. I'm gonna go ahead and get a yak here in the near and dear future. My question is what are the best options for hauling one around on top of car. Plan on putting it on my little Nissan Sentra as that little buggy gets over thirty to the gallon. Also if you know of a good deal on a real light fishable yak I am all ears.

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By Fishtolive
Get 2 sets of Yakima Mako saddles. Don’t Have to buy new. Get the used ones work fine.
I hauled mine the same way for 9 years without any problem.
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By Ron Mc
My long-time buddy Stevo has Yakima saddles plus Yakima rollers that really help him single-hand car-topping.
By SteveRetrieve
I have those removable Malone roof racks and I wish I would’ve gotten permanent heavier-duty ones. There are a few dents in my roof from the years of use

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By JW FunGuy
It really depends a lot on what kayak you are going to get, how long, how heavy, how wide... but tossing a heavy boat on a rack and tying it down securely (preferably bow and stern tie downs as well as across the bars) puts a lot of force on cross bars so get good ones like Yakima or Thule if you can if not check their load rating.
A lot also depends on your car, if you have a factory rack, rails or nothing, as to what kind of mounting options you will have. A good way is to go onto Yakima and I think Thule has one too that you can put in your vehicle, what you want to carry and it will show you your options.
Ron mentioned the Yakima rollers (Hullly Rollers I think they are) and they are handy. I use them for my wooden triple but it is like 20 ft boat and on a truck with a topper. You also have to get the bow into the rollers on the back first in order to roll the boat up. That might be kind of hard with a Sentra and the roof line in the back. Lifting the boat from the side might be easier.
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By Ron Mc
honestly Jerry, clean-and-jerk a 100-lb kayak over the side of a car is not desirable or even healthy.
Staging ends to work the boat over the car is the desired approach, especially coming in from a day of paddling.
fwiw, the longer the boat, the easier to get done because of the angles and leverage.
Stevo loaded these alone in Kerrville, arriving here in Palm Harbor.
you can also use these things to stage as you're working your boat over car hood or trunk;
and I'm sure you can also figure how to use a mounted roof rack to stage a lift over the side of your car.
here, two of us are loading, and a truck, but bow staged on tailgate, the dolly wheels will drop out when I lift the stern.
But he loads even this at home alone, placing the dolly posts in the farthest aft scuppers, and staging the bow next on a ladder.
By mwatson71
I have Thule Hullaport Pro racks on my Sequoia that fold down when not in use. I solo load a Hobie Revo or a Tarpon 160 depending in which I plan on fishing that day (or night). Each weigh about 75 lbs which are light enough, at least for me, to stand on the side if the kayak, grab the handles and lift overhead and lay on their side in the Hullaport cradle. Sometimes after a longer outing, I may just flip the yak upside down and lift one end and then walk towards the middle kind of popping the kayak over my head until I get it centered and then the weight of the yak lifts the other end and just balances it on my hands and then I can just lower it into the cradles. Both methods are fairly easy after you’ve done it a few times and get the hang of it.
By bones72
Well I am looking at the Jackson Kraken for that's up for sale here and would be putting it on a 2001 Nissan Sentra. Kayak is at the extreme upper end of my budget but seems like a whole lot of boat for the money. It leaves little room for my options on topping it at least for now unless someone wanted to buy a 4wt custom bamboo rod from me.

Thanks for all the input guys it has been very informative. Now to wake up the "old bat" and discuss my options.

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