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By 14TheSkipper
I am new to kayak fishing and looking for my first yak. It seems like a black hole once you start researching. I am leaning towards the Feelfree Moken. I would like to fly fish and have a decent standing platform. Any thoughts on the Moken and standing platform? I will mainly fish lakes and rivers, but I will occasionally make a trip to the coastal waters. If not the Moken, what are some solid options in that price range? Thanks for any guidance.
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By Ron Mc
Diablo Amigo is next step up in price, but saw a really good KT Diaries episode stand-up fly-fishing the Adios on a Devil's River float. The Adios and Amigo are the same boat, ABS v. rotomolded. I also demo'd an Adios on the San Marcos River, and it was the stand-up boat I would take home.
Optional skeg is needed with this boat for wind control.
By Scooter1972
I have been researching for kayaks as well, moken and lure were definitely on my list.....Seems that Feelfree has their own track system rather than yak attack. may have to buy adapters to use anything other than FF accessories.....i dont own one though, just my 2 cents
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