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By BMiller55
I may be looking to purchase a used Revolution 13. How are they on stability for a bigger guy (250lbs). What do I need to check on or look for when looking at a used boat? What would you say is a fair price on the used market?
By Yakety_Yak
I weigh about 230 lbs. and I have an Outback. The Revo 13 has a max weight capacity of 350 lbs. An Outback, depending on what year it is, is 400 lbs - 450 lbs. The Revo goes faster than the Outback but the Outback has more stability. There are other factors to consider between the two but for what you are looking at, those are the major ones. Since you are a bigger guy and you are concerned with stability, I would go with the Outback. You have already mentioned stability and weight factor so the Outback makes sense to get between the two. BTW... if for some reason you decide to go new, the difference in cost between the Revo and the Outback is almost nothing.

Until you get used to the stability factor, the Revo will seem sort of less stable (especially compared to an Outback). They are both great kayaks but speaking my mind here I would go with a Outback.

Also, if you are still going to go with the Revo, you mentioned a price factor. That depends on the year of the kayak and wear & tear for the most part. If you see something of interest, post up on y our thread and we can help you with a price estimate.

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