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By BMiller55
I found what I believe to be a good deal on a Revolution 13 locally. I know nothing about Hobie. I am more familiar with Bonafied, Native andJackson's. My questions are how does this stack up with stability (I am 250lbs),storage and anything else i should know when going to look at this. I may try to see if he will let me take it out on the water before purchasing. What would be a fair price range for this on the secondary market?

Thank you.
By SWFinatic
The Revo 13 is a great fishing kayak that excels in skinny water as well as in choppy waters. It doesn't have a lot of room but there are things you can do to maximize space. I will say at 250 that leaves you about 75 lbs in gear/tackle and fish lol. It's doable for sure. You shouldn't expect to stand in it (unless you get AMA's) but it is nimble and pretty fast. It also paddles pretty well too.

Price depends on what year you're looking at. If it's a 2013 or older anything over 1200 IMO is too much. 2014's can be 1200-1400 because they have they are Lowrance ready. If it's a 2015 or newer with the raised Vantage CT seat then probably you're looking at $1500 and up depending on year and condition. I will say those who are asking over 2K for a 2016 are going to have a hard time selling.
By Tombo
I have the Revo 13 with the Vantage seat. Sold my 2012 Hobie just to get this seat. You need to ask yourself how and where are you fishing. Outback is a slow kayak to paddle if the water is too shallow for the Mirage Drive.

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