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Howdy All,

This past weekend the sammich maker and I were down in Padre Island and got to use our friends' dual seater Hobie. Had a great time - she was simply giddy, which is a rarity for her. She even stated how cool it would be to have a 2-seater kayak.

My question is about seating, specifically back support. The only "trouble" I had on our kayak trip was that, my abs wore out from having to sort of do a half-abdominal crunch because the back support was so inadequate. My arms never got tired, but my abs did.

Are there options for better back support with regards to seating?

I've noticed bicycling and kayaking, whether pedal or paddle, both work most efficiently when you begin in core muscles.
Also noticed you use a bit different core muscles bicycling and paddling.
In our Sunday morning Alamodome-sprint bike group, my buddy moved up in the pack when he began yoga.
(Leaning on the handlebars is both inefficient and bad for your circulation)

Hobie pedal boats usually have high and low seating options, and should give you different back support in each.
But when you sit tall, you also have much greater wind drag.

Maybe consider that abdominal crunch is good for you?

I'm also no expert at Hobie pedals, but noticed my buddy setting up his for his wife, he could adjust the position where the pedals began working, essentially how high/low your knee is before you begin moving the drive fins - this adjustment could also affect how you're working your abs.

You're kinda forced to be almost prone in any pedal kayak - your feet have to be at least 6" higher than when paddling (and much higher on bicycle-crank pedal drive kayaks).
Here's my buddy out last weekend in his Outback.
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Was this borrowed kayak an older style Hobie with the "pan" style seats that essentially are just pads that sit in the seat well with flexible type back support or a newer version Hobie with the metal/mesh framed, elevated seats? The latter would be about as comfortable as you will find so as Ron suggested, it would require building your core to get you more comfortable at that point.

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