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By AgiJud
So I'm jumping on the Yak Wagon. I just bought a trailer at Lake Fork and have decided I'm going to get started with a fishing kayak. I've watched what feels like 5,000 YouTube videos about what I need to get started. I'm coming to the DFW area this weekend for the holidays (primarily in the Grapevine/Flower Mound area) and am looking for a great kayak shop where the selection will be good, the folks will be knowledgeable, and where they will be patient with all of my questions. Any suggestions?
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By TexasJim
I'd look at Mariner Sails, Dallas(972-241-1498) and at Angler's Pro Tackle in N. Fort Worth(817-503-2333). They have knowlegdable people to help you. Academy's have mostly junk recently, but some decent stuff. I'd avoid BPS and Wally World. If you're buying on impulse, buy used. After you've kayak fished a while, you'll know more. If you can find Neumie's kayak buying posts on this Forum, you'll learn valuable insight. Good luck, TexasJim
By AgiJud
Thanks TexasJim. I had seen both of those in google searches and will start there. Definitely not an impulse buyer. I'm ready to get started and go full out. Merry CHRISTmas to all on here!
I stopped in at Anglers Pro Tackle in North Richland Hills this past Wednesday and was impressed with the selection they had on hand. Can't remember the gentleman's name who helped us but he was very friendly and more than willing to talk kayaks for as long as you are willing to listen. Very knowledgeable and very helpful. Thing is, I was up front and told him I was only there to check the place out and maybe buy some tackle (which I did) but we got to talking kayaks and he walked us thru every model on the floor and gave his pro's and cons on all of them. I would definitely recommend them.
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By Neumie
Mountain Sports carries Jackson Kayaks, Perception, and Wilderness Systems. Mariner Sails carries 3 Waters, Bonafide, Feel Free, Hobie, Native Watercraft, Nucanoe, Ocean Kayak, Old Town, Perception, Viking, and Wilderness Systems. Angler's Pro Tackle carries Bonafide, Crescent, Hobie, Native Watercraft, Nucanoe, Ocean Kayak, Old Town, Vanhunks, and Vibe.

I lived in the DFW area for about 8 years and split my time between Mountain Sports and Mariner Sails. APT had only been carrying kayaks for a couple years prior to me leaving, but I spoke to Rick several times and he's a stand up guy.

Any three of those shops will be able answer your questions and then some.

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