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Paw-paw would never waste good flour to check the wind. He would always stick a wet finger in the air to check direction and carried a tree-rat tail to check the wind speed. He would flick it a few times and could tell how fast the deer would be moving and how far we'd have to walk from his house. Every 50 yards or so he'd flick it in the wind. He could find where to set up like nobodies business and say " they'll be going that way". Funny how over the years we learn so much that we let slip a lot of the little thing we were taught that we actually say produce. Thankfully it's all still there and recalled by necessity. I do fiine checking the flags on the drive in but some flags are heavier than others and don't always accurately represents the bay winds, and neither does the vhf.
Back to nature's wind vein...old-school windvain
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