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Got the family down in Port A and we want to get down PINS if possible for a day, Anyone have any current info on driving conditions? We are in a 4x4 F150 with some decent tires but I dont want to strand my wife and children somewhere in this heat while they watch me loose my mind digging us out every 25 yards. Thanks fellas- your input on this forum is awesome and greatly appreciated.
I've never had a problem in my F150 4x4 all the way down to the Port Mansfield jetties. However, at MM 5 or 10, I think there is a 4X4 only sign and there certainly is a difference at that point. I purchased some of those sand MAXTRAX things just in case, but they've been dead weight (yaaay) each trip.

Do watch where you park and the tides. You can get trapped in PINS until the tide goes back down.
I'm hearing recent reports that driving isn't too bad overall down to the 40's. Of course there will be a few soft spots. Tides are running low so you don't have to worry about the water coming up just the soft spots. Check with the visitors center to make sure. As long as you keep moving through the soft spots and you'll be fine.
Thanks for all the reply’s fellas. We went down to about a mile past the 4x4 only sight at 5 miles and things were really pretty tame. The toughest spot was exactly at the entrance on the beach from the blacktop one 2 wheel truck with street tires was buried. But managed to get him out with four or five pushers. If your going down as you leave the black top stay to the far left up against the posts, that’s a pretty tame path. But all in all the beach driving was really good down to about mile 6. Can’t say after that cause we did not go any further.
Wouldn't worry too much about being stranded. Delayed at most. There are always a lot of people driving by willing to tow you out and the unwritten rule is you stop and help pull someone out that is stuck.

I've never been stuck myself (knock on wood) but have helped tow countless other people out.

Even when its bad, you will rarely even need 4x4 until you get to the high teens and twenties....Generally speaking.

Up until mile 17 or so, its almost always pretty tame.

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