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By Ciguatera
Anyone know what the status of the Beach access roads are now that the beach is closed to vehicles? i.e. Can you park on the access road and use a dolly to take your kayak down? Are the roads closed all the way to the road? Is anyone towing?

Thanks guys.
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By Fishtolive
The two access roads to MP had been blocked off. They both are blocked off near the main road so it is a long distance to the water. Not worth to try. See attach pics.

We have beach access To water from the beach front condo at the end of WhiteCap. Based on last Monday and Tuesday, the drain off water from rain has made the water from Packery channel area to BHP area looked like murky green color with the visibility of 3 feet. Same water color from the BHP standpipe all the way to second set of further rigs.
Have to wait for the dark blue water return to go fishing again.

Both are 13 foot, don't know the year.

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