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Hey all,
I am planning to hit the Surfside rig this Wed or Friday if anyone wants to join(always welcome offshore buddies).

I’ll be watching my forecasts and I’ll try to post here if anyone is interested.

I’ll prob just launch from jetties (either the coastguard boat ramp or the other drop off near the boardwalk bridge).
I see other's who have launched from this boat ramp near the Coast Guard station for BTB to hit that rig. But would it be easier and safer launching from Quintana Beach? Particularly near the fishing pier at end of 8th Street?

I launch off that boat ramp with my boat and the current at end of jetties can be pretty rough, even when wave forecast shows it being flat. Just depends on the tide. I've also launched off Surfside beach, but never from the boat ramp.

Just wondering if others use Quintana beach as an option or why they prefer not to?

Also, what forecast app are you using? It seems to show a more favorable forecast that the Magic Seaweed....which has sometimes been a hit or a miss.
Some do launch from Quintana, but I’ve done the jetties a number of time without any issue. Typically it’s worse on an outgoing tide, as the current and tide clash right there. I usually go during slack.

I’m using Magicseaweed, SwellInfo, and FishWeather. I’m hoping between the 3, I can get close. Lol!

Anyway, I’m still looking at Wed, but might try Thurs if Wed is a bust.
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By Earl
Have a fun, safe, productive trip. Post up on water color and action. I would not expect any issues using either launch with this forecast.

Looks like I am headed to Matagorda Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday.
One of the reasons why people use the jetty's instead of Quintana is because there are landmarks by the jetty's. Quintana doesn't exactly have much to go off of. If you don't have GPS, you won't know where you launched when coming back.
I've launched from Quintana beach. On a calm day without surf it's easier and with less paddling if you are targeting the 5 mile rig.
A slight limitation is that right now quintana beach seems to open at 8am -

Personally I think coastguard boat ramp is a bit safer for leaving your vehicle unattended, and no surf to deal with, but it has longer paddling and you need to be careful with boat traffic early morning.

Both are 13 foot, don't know the year.

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