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By Killerbee

Motheshipping part2. It was so crazy calm out there. I have a complete leader video coming out pretty quick. It will have everything you need for ribbons, livebait an a rig to catch everything from livebait to the biggest thing out there. The cool thing is the terminal tackle is interchangable between leaders. It is a long video but I believe it will help out a lot of folks. Stay tuned for that mid week.
By Cody2306
Dude that was some insane action! I’ve always been a bay fisherman on light tackle and just recently within the last two weeks found intrest in fishing for kings. What size rod and reel was that in that spinning set up that was on the kayak?

That was a pen spinfisher 3500 on an allstar 7ft trout rod. I love it for perch up to big Jack's and kings! I have caught cobia and sharks with it as well. It's a work horse Snoopy pole!
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By Killerbee
Longliner wrote:That's cheating!

Yes it is! Lol

Tired of all the beach closure BS. Figured I would stick it to the man and show them that there are other ways! I hope y'all enjoyed it. It has been a very trying year for everyone including fisherman. I could get used to the mother shipping thing though. No rough surf launch and fresh legs to fight fish lol. Instant gratification, I feel like the millennials got something right lol!!!!

Both are 13 foot, don't know the year.

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