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I try to be an optimistic/adventurous guy and figure if all the muscle groups can stay in good shape, then I'll be ready when the next weather window for offshore presents itself. Yesterday the winds were blowing 24 with gusts to 35 as I launched at the downtown marina after work. The big Shuna paddle stayed home and I went with the Kalliste instead; I was concerned about pulling too hard on the upwind legs and overworking my shoulders. If you run out of gas a mile downwind of the truck, your evening will take a turn to the ugly side of interesting. On the other hand I hoped the smaller paddle would be able to provide enough acceleration when it was time to launch onto the wave faces because the larger waves were moving at around 10 mph. Nothing accelerates the kayak onto a wave like big blades, but having the strength to get back to the launch was sort of important too.

In the open bay the waves were surprisingly good (some were even overhead height :shock: ) and they were pretty well organized! Bay waves, even on really windy days, have a wave period of about two seconds, so when you get on the face of one and pick up speed, the nose is already touching the wave in front. It requires good speed control and continuous paddling to stay in the sweet spot. I enjoyed some very quick and long runs as I turned to head with the wind. A few times I was reminded that when the boat's not quite in the right direction when you begin the acceleration and slide down the wave face, the rudder isn't large enough to overcome the other forces and the yak can suddenly kick the nose sideways when it digs in on the wave ahead. At 10 mph this results in a violent sideways shunt that almost tossed me off the kayak a time or two. I got that figured out and things were really smooth and "up on plane" fast after that. Seven long runs later I found myself near the Lexington, beat down and still needing to paddle a mile and a half back to the launch straight upwind. It was a slow slog even paddling somewhat shielded from the largest waves by the rocks, but at least the wind kept everyone else off the water - even the jet skis. I had the place all to myself. The small paddle earned it's keep by helping to limit the forward strokes to sustainable levels while the earbuds were cranking Nightwish's "Ghost Love Score". As the sweat poured and salt spray kept stinging my eyes and limiting visibility, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. By the time I got back to the launch I looked like a drowned rat, but the GPS showed 4.6 miles and every muscle was tired. What a workout! Windy days are becoming some of my favorites for staying in form.
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At "normal" stroke rate, my Cuda 12 and I are moving along a tick over 3 mph. Stroked out, I can hit 5.3 mph, but not sustain it. 10 mph has to feel like you're FLYING, lol. (Especially with no particular effort on your part.)
I'll have to check out your play list.

Kirk B.
In the gulf surf, you get to rest and slide on the wave because they are pretty clean, but in the bay things are too disorganized to rest for very long. It takes continued paddling to maintain your spot on the larger wave as you overtake smaller, slower waves. The speed is there and fun, but it does take sustained effort to stay in that sweet spot. My heart rate runs pretty high during the downwind parts but I slow things down when pushing back upwind.
Prof - you and I seem to be about the same vintage. I was born in 69, so I was a teenager in the '80s. I still like listening to my metal, esp. for situations like you describe.

What I'd like to do is create a post where we can post playlists that we use while on the yak or boat. I have a ""Fishing - Fast" playlist, which is when I am moving from place to place; a "Fishing - Slow" playlist, which is designed for background music while night fishing, or early morning sessions. What do you think about that idea, TKF Nation?

Both are 13 foot, don't know the year.

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