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By bigfost
I suspect a couple of videos will be forthcoming from this trip. I fished with Wolfman and Killerbee and it was an awesome day. Near perfect conditions and hungry fish.

I ended the day with 16 bull reds boated and two 6 ft bull sharks. The other guys caught lots of fish, too, but I'll let them tell their stories.

Great day on the water.
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By Killerbee
It was great meeting you Bigfost! Looking foward to more trips in the future! What a day! Wolfman and Bigfost took me to bullred school! Lol
By Wolfman57
Friday I posted up a last minute trip to the slabs. The bull reds run is still going on. 17-19’ of water fishing with horse mullet and blue crab. Big baits or the slimers will drive you nuts. Bigfost and KillerBee Outdoors joined me and we absolutely slayed the bull reds. I pulled in 19 and one 6’ bull shark.

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