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Some safety Items for BTB

Buddy system, quality PFD, whistle, VHF, PLB, first aid kit, bilge pump/sponge, compass, knife, pliers, scopolamine/dramamine etc, float plan, paddle leash, protective sun gear, extra food/water and re-entry practice. Feel free to add on anything I have missed.
Awesome thread!
I am fairly new to kayaking and have a Slayer 14 for lakes/bays currently but have a Viking Profish Reload on layaway to go "longer, farther, faster" :)
I have been doing my research so I don't get the wrong stuff and have to do "re-buy" on my gear for BTB.
Every time, without exception, when I ask opinions on kayak fishing I am referred to this site!
Great info!
Thanks to all who contribute as it is a huge help to us new folks and very much appreciated!

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By Kalait
Wolfman57 wrote:Here it all is in a nice PDF package. I didn't make it, just reposting it!


The link no longer works :(
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By Kalait
imaoldmanyoungsalt wrote:
Kalait wrote:
Wolfman57 wrote:Here it all is in a nice PDF package. I didn't make it, just reposting it!


The link no longer works :(
Try this

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That one worked, thanks.
Kalait wrote:Which GPS is recommended for BTB? I am looking at Handheld, IP8, floatable, any further suggestions?

In regards to the GPS's, you can go a few ways......

If you choose to use the hand held GPS, you might as well go with a VHF radio that has a GPS on it as opposed to getting a separate hand held GPS unit and a VHF radio. With that in mind, you may want to get a backup battery as you never know how much battery life the VHF/GPS will use. It has that extra added feature and therefore will use more juice when in use. I recommend three different brands of VHF radios (in no particular order)....

1) Standard Horizon
2) Uniden

The other way you can swing this is by having a VHF radio without GPS (this is always important to have on the water) and a GPS unit on your fish/depth finder. Quite a few people usually use the Lowrance units (particularly in the salt) but those are not the only brands out there on the market. Other brands are Garmin, Hummingbird, Simrad, just to name a few. If you are in a Hobie, many people will usually use the Lowrance because Hobie made their molding on the bottom to where the Lowrance transducers will fit in the scuppper hole. This makes everything easy to where you do not have to hardly put any holes in your kayak (the 2019 models will not need any holes due to the new hull design features on top). Other kayak companies are doing the same thing now that they realize that there is a need for a fish/gps finder unit on the kayak for us kayak fishermen.
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