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By gerald
The 2010 TKFBBR is in the books. Apparently because of the threatened rain the Roundup started out slowly, but it soon picked up. We had no rain, the day was beautiful and quite a number of boats showed up. I showed up on a rainy friday and got to do some quality paddling between rain showers and lightning. It's not a good idea to be paddling around while waving a carbon fiber paddle in the air during thunder and lightning. The lake was very nice. I'll add some pictures and see if I can tell you what happened. I urge everyone to add your pictures because I'm not going into much detail. This was a great little Roundup!
This is pretty much across the little cove from where we had the gathering. The Inks Lake store and boat ramp.

The Triple X on the van.

This is where we set up.

Many more to come....
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By gerald
The Roundup was scheduled from 10 am to 2 pm. Because of the weather the boats were slow to come in but they did trickle in all the way up till 1:30. Ajay pulling the drag end but, as you will see, he certainly came in with really nice boat. Because the boats came trickled in we weren't able to get a picture of all of them. I believe I did get pictures of all the boats though.
Here's some in a line.

The Triple X. Not finished but we did manage to get it wet. Very nice boat.

Triple X cockpit. Temp seat, no foot pegs, but it floats.

Steve Lansdowne's Wee Rob (correct me if I make any mistakes)

Many more to come...
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By gerald
Wild Bill's (Wilded) two day boat he just recently built in a class. I'll let him tell you all about it. Very nice boat. Conventional wood construction, not composite. Yep...you can still make a fine boat using conventional construction. Wilded has already made a post with a link to his very nice site. Check it out.

Dogpaddlin's fine birch pirogue. Good example of a 3 panel boat which is the most boat for the money you can build.

John Werner's CLC kayak. John helped another guy with the building of this very nice hybrid kayak.

John Werner's BBWorks SOT.
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By gerald
Another picture of the Triple X.

Light keepers kid's very nice Wadefish (correct me if I'm wrong). You might remember this one from last year.

Makenmend showed up with a couple of very nice and interesting boats. I believe they are Wye 13-6.

Ok. That's pretty much all the boats that showed up. Now I'll put in a little more detail of the Triple X.
Here's a look at the boat from the stern.

This is the rear deck. Notice the darker 1/2" holes on each side of the hatch. That's where the soft pad eyes will be bolted for the shock cord that holds the hatches on.

A little closer look at the Front hatch and cockpit cover.

Once again...with the cockpit cover off.

This is an absolutely wonderful boat to paddle. On friday it cruised some small waves and chop like it wasn't even there. I'm very interested in getting it in some big waves. I can stand up in it but, as in any small paddled craft, you really can't do anything once you're standing up. Very nice boat though.
First I'd like give a Big Thanks to Gerald for putting on the round-up and for his Great Sponsorship of this forum :clap: It was also nice to see the ladys come out and paddle as well :clap: It was also great to see the many new builders show up and get to know them :dance: I must say that gerald let me paddle the XXX and what a Great Kayak and Masterful Workmanship 8) And the new owner missed a great chance to test paddle his new XXX kayak :wink: I must say I see a XXX build my near future 8)

wilded wrote:Gerald that Triple X is one beautiful boat. :mrgreen: Wild Ed

The quality of workmanship was very high on all of the boats. One thing at these roundups is that I get to see all kinds of ideas, applications, and methods of working things out. I learn a lot from everybody. Thanks to all of you!
JEM wrote:Gerald that XXX is a work of art! Your build abilities blow me away.

Can I use that pic of the paddler standing in his boat?

Yes you can. Very nice design. I believe I have a few others of that boat. If you send an email to gerald@brazosboatworks.com I can send you the original pictures. These have been resized much smaller.
went straight to the coast for a real live fishing test, just got in tonite will post more boat pics and a report soon. to tired now, sure enjoyed to meet everyone at the roundup and see some real craftsmanship.

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