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The 2011 TKFBBR will be at Inks Lake on Saturday, May 14. This is the weekend after Mother's Day so ya'll can bring her too! Heck...we've had mothers who have built fine boats. Hope everybody will show up. Let's spread the word and have a great gathering. The official time for the Roundup at the beach in the day use area is 10:00am until 2:00pm. I will get there many days early and try to get a campsite very near that area. Make your reservations as soon as possible as they do run out some times. I will have room for late arrivals if necessary and you can always come just for the day.

I remind everyone that there is a lightweight boat building competition for this year. It's not cutthroat, just something for us to have fun with. I know somebody who is building a balsa boat. Hopefully that boat is scheduled to be there. I am building a 12 footer, totally conventional wood composite strip built, to enter so I should be easy to beat. I'm doing this so we'll all know how light such a boat can be with completely conventional methods.

This is just a fun gathering so we can all get together, look at boats, see what the other builder's are doing, and hopefully try out a few of the designs.

Hope to see ya'll there!
I'm planning to be there. Never been before and I'm looking at a park map trying to figure out where the beach you are talking about is? Can you look and tell me where in relation to the amphitheater?
I'm either going to tent camp or get a mini cabin - depends on if my wife wants to go. Anybody know if there is launch access behind those cabins?
This would be the day use/picnic area across the cove from the store and boat ramp....near camping site 280. There is easy shore launching from most of the cabins if you're in a kayak. Just up from the cabins, at the store is a boat ramp--and there are others as well. You can view a pdf map at Inks Lake state park website.

http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/find ... arks/inks/
Since last year I waited too long, and they were all booked up more than a month prior to the event, I went ahead and made my reservations just now for this year's roundup!

If anyone wants to find out which camp site Gerald is in, just look for the one with the squirrels going in/out of the van door, crawling on Gerald and eating his bread :mrgreen: .

I look forward to it, even with the 5+ hour drive!
I too am hoping the the balsa boat (HYBRID, the Next Ultimate Fishing Kayak) will be there. It has been fishing 3 times already and I really like it. :D

Next project will be a lightweight paddle. Which I hope to bring also.

Project after that will be a simple kayak with the same basic planform as HYBRID but mostly sheet foam and epoxy/glass construction with a minimum of accoutrements. It is possible that it might make it too.

GAR will not be coming. :cry:
Just refreshing the notice for the Texas (TKF) Boat Builder Roundup. We're hoping for a big turn out. I've been getting the word out to as many different people and sites as I can. Ya'll do the same! I've also added an official flyer to my website for a little more information. Hope to see ya'll there!

http://texaspaddler.com/wordpress/misc/ ... -may-14th/

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