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WOOHOO! Post #1000

OK, back on topic, Gerald, I posted this to my Facebook page as well (i know I have before) as a reminder to the friends and family that I have up there in the hill country (grew up in Lampasas and Lometa) so maybe you will get some good local traffic coming thru to check out the boats as well, and maybe hook a few more into this crazy sport we choose to partake in.
Well Gerald went through a pretty wild night/morning but rode it out OK in the back of his van, 3'' of much needed rain.The lake is a little higher than normal, but was that way before the rain, so with a great forecast ahead looks like a really good weekend shaping up, look forward to seeing some of you there.

Glad to hear you got some rain, and glad it came last night instead of tonight :) . Seems to rain almost every time I camp!

I'm throwing the last of my crap in the truck now, if I can make it all fit :D. About a 4 to 5 hour drive and I should be there this afternoon! Look forward to seeing everyone there.
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