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By neon14
Mom and Dad went to Indiana a few weeks ago to visit family and came back with some of Grandpa's old hand tools. He has a lot of wood working tools and can no longer use them. The family sort of split up everything amongst all the kids. Dad must have been thinking of me when he picked these tools out. Pretty nice little work bench. Dad wants to hang the saw above the wood shop door. The metal hand planes handle is basically charcoal. Back in the early 1980s Grandpa's house caught on fire and burned down. Its pretty cool that I will get to use his tools, and I will go out of my way to use them.

Does anyone know what kind or style the large wooden plane might be?
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By Carver
Great score ! I have a hand made metal plate my dad used for playing cards. No one has ever even guessed what it is, but I still smile every time I look at it and think of the late night rummy games with him and family.

Until you can study proper restoration of them a bit of WD40 or very light machine oil on all metal (and wood if you don't mind the darkening). The plane that was in the fire can still be fully recovered and have a full life.

I regularly wonder what my hand tools will bring in an estate sell. I think they are bound for that destination whether I like it or not.

Congrats again on gaining a great link to family and some really cool tools to boot, Phill

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By neon14
Thanks guys for bringing this one back. Mom just returned from Indiana for Grandpaws 88th birthday. Wish I could have been there. Its pretty cool to have his tools and I hope to pass them along to my grandkids.

Yup thats a TR-6. Pretty nice car but needs a lot of work. Was my sisters car in high school. Hasn't been driven on the street in over 10 years or more. Would be nice to get it back on the road.

Nice talking with you.

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