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By RealBigReel
Took it to scouts Wednessday night and they had no trouble raising and lowering the rudder or installing and removing the Mirage drive. Pedal length was adjustable to even the shortest boy with no booster pad.
Took the new kayak out again today. Arrived at Proctor around 9 AM


It hangs out there a long ways. Pushed it forward onto the cart and installed the rudder.


Wheeled it down to the water.
I fished for quite a while before I caught anything.


First slime didn't need to be measured


Second slime either.
That was it. Caught these 2 within a few minutes of each other and nothing else.
Proctor was glassy smooth but I did run over a few boat wakes, it was quiet. Rudder authority was excellent. Really happy with that. It will crank a sharp turn. Makes it easy to follow even a rough contour.
As far as speed. Looking at the GPS I am pretty sure I can cruise above 4 MPH. Had no trouble holding it above 5 MPH for short run.

Still have a couple of things to finish up, notably the custom cooler. Rod holders aren't right yet. But these 2 Bass Pro rod holders behind the seat set nearly horizontal seem to be the right idea. They are out of the way but accessible.
Got home cleaned the fish. My daughter is visiting with here 4 kids. I fixed these 2 fish for supper with my special breading, with toast (the 2 boys like to make their fish into a sandwich) curly fries, regular fries and corn. Everyone had what they wanted and I made 1 frozen dinner from the left overs.
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By kneekap
Looks like a fast boat to me. Bet you have to slow down to
keep the lures in the water. Wish I had the nerve to build one too.

I hinged my custom cooler in the rear also. Used two layers of foam
on all six sides and it keeps ice really great. I know you have yours epoxied,
so it is a lot tougher than my painted one.
By RealBigReel
kneekap wrote:Looks like a fast boat to me. Bet you have to slow down to
keep the lures in the water. Wish I had the nerve to build one too.

I hinged my custom cooler in the rear also. Used two layers of foam
on all six sides and it keeps ice really great. I know you have yours epoxied,
so it is a lot tougher than my painted one.

If you want to keep it simple and make it last longer you can add duck tape to the wear areas. That is what I did with my lunch box and a couple of other coolers that I built.
By RealBigReel
Cooler hold downs and hinges coated with epoxy. Bungee ends installed.


The bungee ends are installed in a notch and backwards.


These Bungee ends are installed backwards. Ready to take this cooler fishing.

1/8/13 A few things more done over that last few days.
Doubled the seat back padding
Padeyes and leashes
Marked a ruler on the deck
Stickey back Velcro to hole the extra FF cable
FF Battery mount.

1/11/13 I think I'll name this one STRIPER
Had STRIPER out today. Winds were up to 25 MPH on occasion with waves over the bow. STRIPER handled it all. Waves 90° to course were no problem. Straight on 25 MPH head winds did not keep me from reaching trolling speeds. Quartering tail waves which have made me uncomfortable in HYBRID were no problem in STRIPER.

1/18/13 Had Striper out again. Winds were relatively mild. Covered about 3 miles of water. Broke the rudder downlock where it attaches to the sliding control rod. Easy to fix.

3/21/13 Had an excellent trip to Proctor in STRIPER. Caught a 24" Hybrid and 18 White Bass, mostly nice.


3/28/13 Took a trip to Texoma. Broke both upper rod holders and the right Click N Go gave way again. Rearranged rod holders. The right upper right rod holder behind the seat is now a Scotty Rocket launcher. That holds the rod out further and makes it easier to operate or grab.
Removed the pin from the Bass Pro rod holders. It came out way too easy. Replaced it with a nut and bolt. Works a lot better now. Smoother and more positive.
Drilled out the threads on the right Click N Go and refilled the hole with epoxy. Then drilled it and tapped it again.

4/5/13 The right hand Click N Go came loose again.
4/6/13 Drilled the mounting holes out and refiled it with epoxy.
4/8/13 Drilled it out to .250" then drilled a .125 hole all the way through the bottom. Back drilled the Click N Go mount area .5" diameter and 1" deep.
This time I used 180 KSI stainless socket head aircraft bolts. Had to turn the sides of the head of the bolt down just a few thousands so it would fit inside the Click N Go, which I did using a drill and a file.
Reassembled the Click N Go, and set it with the bolts in the new mount .25 holes
Installed locking stainless aircraft nuts on the back side (up the .5 hole) and snugged it down.
Filled the .5" hole with Gorilla glue. When it was dry sanded it off. Mixed some 90 minute epoxy with graphite powder and touched it up, and few other spots while I was at it.
4/9/13 Went fishing in heavy wind, with waves breaking over the kayak. Caught about 30 Sandies and kept 17 mostly nice. Click N Go is still snug.
4/16/13 Heavy wind again. Caught 6 Keeper Hybrids (kept 5) + 4 Hybrids just under size, 30 + Sandies kept 15. Took home about 30 lbs of fish. Lots of drag pulled today.
By RealBigReel
4/16/13 Plenty of wind but had a good trip to Proctor in STRIPER. Caught 6 keeper Hybrids and kept 5 plus 30 Sandies and kept 15 nice ones.



Heavy Aft:

Here is why:

Had problems with those Cheapie Bass Pro rod holders. They held the rod butts too close together. The locking pins came out and they never clamped up properly. So I replaced them both with Scotty rocket launchers.


When I get off shore I lower them to just above horizontal. This configuration holds the reels far enough outboard that it is easy to reach the bails to release them to let line out for trolling. And wide enough that I can turn pretty sharp without crossing them.

People at the TFF G2G at Grapevine 4/20/13 were interested in how I did my rudder and I realized I haven't really shown how I did the rudder center pulley here so here it is in the up position


Down position.


The rudder is bungee loaded in the down position just in case I hit something, but it is hard locked in the up. Also the stainless hold down will release if I get a push up load on the rudder.
You can't really see it in this picture but I had to reinforce the hinges on the cooler with glass.
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By Shadow_Fox
I watched the video and that is most impressive. Read all of your post about the build and my hats off to you for being able to do that. The minor tweaks here and there is what makes that your kayak and makes it stand out. Very impressive build. :clap: :clap:
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By awoodman
This may interest you......a foam core teardrop trailer in progress.....
DSCF1717 small.jpg

http://www.tnttt.com/viewtopic.php?f=55 ... 9&start=60

Have you ever seen a single post get 400 replies? Having to do with foam core construction


My projects have shifted to something to replace the pop-up camper and also haul kayaks...a tear drop woody............
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